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  1. This still happens using the latest Evernote Windows app. You click on a note and an empty note with a duplicate title is created below it each time. Discouraging that it has been 4 years and you still can't get this worked out. This is why I feel apathetic about purchasing a subscription.
  2. This issue has been open for 3 years without action. Why they can't just use a standard input method like every other app is beyond me. This kind of buggy coding, both on Android as well as desktop, without any chance of action by the developers, is what has kept me from being a paid subscriber.
  3. The built-in autocorrect feature is not supported by Evernote, causing any changes to produce duplicate and/or mangled text in notes. Samsung Galaxy S7 or S9, OS 8.x or 9.x.
  4. Formatted text is still pasted (with font sizes, typeface changes, etc.) regardless of using 'Paste' or 'Paste as Plain Text'. The "Simplify Formatting" function only does a partial cleanup, and it is not possible to alter typeface sizes in a note from within the app (unless that function is spectacularly well-hidden).
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