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  1. Sorry I forgot that Evernote staff don't wander into the wilds of the forum. Danke.
  2. Hmm can the legacy client live side by side with v10? This isn't backup but my way importing recipes from PDFs with automation.
  3. ....I still have the problem a week later. What more do you need for a bug report. My inbox is filling up. - Mark
  4. Yes and I'm trying to automate this with applescript. Now I'm falling back to KeyBoard Maestro.
  5. Is there any way outside of Applescript that the v10 client supports for getting PDFs into Evernote? FWIW this is another nail in the evernote coffin for me.
  6. Ok, I just download 10.19.2 and I still get the problem. I've done the log out and reboot multiple times. Do you need any logging to make this a real bug report? - Mark
  7. I just tried to update and it says 10.18.3 is up to date. Perhaps being Canadian means we're kept a week behind? As to the That is in fact what I reported doing in my first email: I have signed out of Evernote and rebooted my mac. I've got another reboot coming for MacOS 11.5.2 in a few minutes so I will sign out of Evernote again. Ugh.
  8. Evernote v10.18.3 MacOS 11.5.1 MacBook Pro 2020 - M1 When I attempt to move a note using the move command, I'm told no notebooks match my search ...at least skitch still works. I have signed out of Evernote and rebooted my mac. Neither helped. Most days I'm impressed with how well Evernote is evolving. Today a little less so 🙂 work around - Drag and drop - since I try to avoid mouse usage this is less than ideal. Cheers Mark
  9. I'm getting the same issue - not as frequent as every 15min - but several times a day.
  10. Many people use Evernote as a dumping ground for ideas and information. A struggle we sometimes have is turning that information into useful actionable and retrievable knowledge. Tags help but only in so far as one person implements them. As Evernote is updated and improved please consider something along the lines of: http://results.learning-layers.eu/scenarios/ - this tool takes much of what is already done to the next level.
  11. Evernote Web Clipper - both Safari and Chrome have the bug. I've reported via the ticketing system
  12. Dear Evernote its only been 7 years since people started asking for this feature. Funny part it works on the Mac, just not Windows. Cheers Mark
  13. XShift has already articulated the problem better than I. So Dear: Evernote another nail in the coffin. I'm sad, disappointed and looking harder at the options to replace. Its too bad. I'm one of your earliest users and you will probably finish killing product for me soon.
  14. Basically Evernote should have Text formatting on par with OneNote. In addition if I paste it into Evernote then I should be able to edit it.
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