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  1. I have the same error. Copied a bunch of pictures, and used the "Paste to Evernote" feature. It created a title concatenating the filenames of all the file, without any issue or warning. Then I tried to change the title, by adding at the beginning "copied from folder XX" (and I did not bother to delete all the subsequent filenames). Now my evernote is stuck in an endless loop. I will have to force shut the app. I use Win10 N Education v2004, and Evernote 6.24. Do you know where I can report this bug?
  2. Is there any update on this list of differences from 2016? I have just set up a new computer, and got EN from the MS Store. It sure looks there are more differences than these. For instance, in the Store EN, I can't find the option to "launch EN at startup". And the app Icon has a white circle around the elephant. Thx.
  3. I initially thought I had missed the button to disable the "Change Warning". But apparently not, the possibility to disable the warning does not exist ! It should have been pretty simple and pretty obvious to add a checkbox "don't warn again for this notebook". PLEASE EVERNOTE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. WE KNOW BETTER THAN YOU HOW WE USE THE APP !
  4. How can I disable this systematic warning ? "Change access. You are moving a note into "[NotebookName]". People this notebook is shared with will gain access to the note." Since the last version, every time I move a note to a shared notebook, I get this message. Only way to dismiss it is to click on "Move". Since I clip my notes first in my inbox, and then move them to whichever notebook is relevant - and all of my notebooks are shared, I get this warning literally all the time. This is both useless and annoying. It should have been pretty simple and pretty obvi
  5. Thank you! I would never have guessed this could be a bug. What a relief, I thought I was going crazy or senile.
  6. I'm like Cephas, desperately trying to add a few business cards backsides. I have both an Android phone and Iphone, none of them can. I remember using this feature a few months ago. Did it disappear ?
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