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  1. I've been searching for ages but haven't found much on this particular issue: I can't place images inline with text any more, and there is no way to change the justification of images (inline or no). Half of what I do is pasting in images from other software, then center justifying it (looks hugely ugly if left justified). Furthermore, I type a lot of math inline (usually in LaTex), which I convert to inline images of the same size as my font (via LaTexit when I'm on my Mac, or codecogs when on PC). Without those two features my notes have had their formatting positively wrecked. T
  2. Long time paying user (I think 6ish years now?), and I've got to say, the manner in which Evernote handles users is slowly wearing down my patience. I've come to accept and deal with a laundry list of problems with the service since I understand how hard it can be to integrate complex features or change heavy structure. Plus, I really do like the general design of EN, and use it daily for both professional and personal projects. But changing the thumbnail? This seriously can't be accomplished in more than 5 years of requests? Plus the fact that I almost never see any actual EN sta
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