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  1. I chose my words poorly out of frustration. I can understand why some people might prefer HTML. I use Evernote for only two things — a diary and one project in which I need tags. I don't like that it's not possible to have separate sets of tags for each notebook, and my tags are in the dozens now because of it, which is very confusing as none of my tags from either project have anything to do with the other project, so having only one set of tags makes for a lot of clutter. I say this as a preface to my reason for wanting RTF export... HTML is fine, except that it's not "easy" to modify in the way RTF is easy to modify, even with WYSIWYG. I do not use Evernote for the keeping of hundreds of notes on other projects because of the tag clutter and several other limitations (including the way Evernote puts gigantic white space around tables for no reason i'm able to discern). I use RTF documents maintained in Mac's TextEdit, because I can make the pages full screen width by default, and can make them without any hard-coded indents, and because TextEdit launches a lot faster than other word processors. My thinking is that if I ever give up on Evernote, at least one of my projects I'd probably go back to working on in TextEdit, and I'd like to be able to just export in a format that app can use without having to take any additional steps. TextEdit can read and edit HTML, but when exporting HTML from Evernote and opening it in TextEdit, all the fonts are wrong, the text doesn't wrap in the same place, etc. I recognize I'm in the minority here, and maybe there are options I'm not considering. But in my view, the options for export in Evernote are lacking.
  2. The upshot of which is that putting quotes around your search doesn't do what it should do: Search for EXACTLY what's inside the quotes. I don't put quotes around a search to get something kind of like what I'm searching for, but with maybe some different characters. I put quotes around a search because I want exactly that result and only that result. That's the way quoted searches are supposed to work. And as I said, the way Evernote does it literally makes it impossible to search for dates or times in Evernote. Just sayin'.
  3. Please fix the tables in Evernote so they don't force 60px of useless padding around them. If users want extra lines between tables, there's a perfectly good [return] key on the right side of every single keyboard in the world.
  4. It is currently impossible to do any of the following searches in Evernote: 1) Searching for ~06 brings up results that include every occurrence of -06 (with a hyphen instead of a tilde) 2) Searching for 06: or "06:" (with quotes around it to specify the exact phrase, including the colon) brings up every occurrence of 06 (without the colon) 3) Searching for "whatever phrase in quotes" (with quotes around it to specify the exact phrase), brings up every occurrence of each separate word This makes it impossible to... - Search for a date or times (2018-07-07 or 06:30) within the text of notes in Evernote - Search for any specific phrase in Evernote Apparently Evernote is deliberately designed to ignore any and all punctuation and special characters in searches — which for my usage makes the search 99% useless. What on Earth is the reason for this crippling of common search functionality? How can we get this fixed?
  5. Having the only export option be Evernote XML (hardly counts as exporting if the only app that can read it is the one that created it) and HTML is ridiculous. What good is having a note in HTML? Why is there no Export as RTF, which could then be opened in any word processor? Export as RTF should be a high priority.
  6. Not to mention every single mention of any day in June from any year ever — 2018-06-30, 2017-06-15, 2016-06-01. Makes it literally impossible to succeed in this search when using Evernote to keep a diary. And why on earth would Evernote be programmed to ignore anything within quotes? That's the whole point of quotes around a search string. It means to look for only that exact phrase. Deliberately ignoring parts of an exact phrase means searching for exact phrases doesn't work. If in my diary, I want to find days I did not walk ("no walk" or "did not walk"), as opposed to days I did (15m walk, 45m walk, 90m walk), that's apparently impossible in Evernote? Is that the upshot here? Any idea what the point is of Evernote ignoring the existence of punctuation and many of the most common words in the English language? And sacrificing search capability in the process?
  7. Why? That makes it impossible to search for times or dates within the text, among other things. If I'm keeping a diary and want to find all the days on which I woke up at 06:30, how would I do that? And what about exact phrases like "no walk"? How do I find those?
  8. Another example: Searching for "??" (with or without quotes) brings up a search result of literally every piece of punctuation, and every single space between words, in every single note:
  9. Evernote search fails a lot. Here are just a few circumstances in which search does not work correctly: 1) Searching for ~06 brings up results that include every occurrence of -06 (with a hyphen instead of a tilde) 2) Searching for 06: or "06:" (with quotes around it to specify the exact phrase, including the colon) brings up every occurrence of 06 (without the colon) 3) Searching for "no walk" (with quotes around it to specify the exact phrase), brings up every occurrence of the word "no" or the word "walk" In Evernote, how does one search for exactly "~06" or exactly "no walk"? Annotated example screenshots attached.
  10. I was afraid Evernote wouldn't have a solution to this, but this workaround is brilliant! No wonder you have a "Super Guru" tag. I would never have found that on my own. I'll add a little enhancement of my own too: You can paste that link anywhere (not just Safari), then drag it into the Finder and it will form the same kind of shortcut — and if you paste it into a Mail message or into a TextEdit document, it pastes as a hyperlink with the title of the note as the text, so when you drag it to the Finder it's already named (instead of just being called "view/", which is what I get when dragging it from the Safari address bar. Cheers! And thanks a ton!
  11. It's nice to have all my notes on various topics in one place, but what I need is a way to have those notes in the Finder on my Mac, filed in the relevant folders. For example, I have a finder note that is contact history for my pharmacy, where I make notes about meds ordered, meds picked up, etc. On my computer I also have a Medical History folder, full of paperwork, insurance information, etc. I need a shortcut/alias/symlink in that folder which takes me to my pharmacy contact history in Evernote. How do I create such a Finder shortcut/alias/symlink in Evernote?
  12. Starting with v6.12, the redesigned table controls are constantly in the way, leave a ridiculous amount of white space around every table, and are way, way too easy to accidentally activate. For users who don't want to change the layout of their tables frequently, and in fact, just want to make a table once and leave it alone, please make this feature an option that can be turned off in the Formatting preferences. I have one template that I duplicate every day for a diary. It includes some tables. I will never change the layout of these tables, so having these tools pop up all the time really gets in the way of my work flow. Plus, before this feature was added, everything on my template fit "above the fold" (i.e., could be seen without scrolling). Now, thanks to all the extra white space around every table, that's no longer true. I can understand how many users might find this feature useful. The problem is, this update ignores everyone else.
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