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  1. I have just received an answer from the support: they know about the issue and don't have any solution except downgrading the app. They didn't share any plans nor provide any estimation when they are planning to fix it.
  2. I finally find out how to request official support from Evernote. It was so hidden from me that I was not able to find out unless I go to the "Change subscription" menu and fill in the reason for downgrade the subscription. But anyway, with this kind of an approach to the customer I will refine my Evernote needs.
  3. Any news here? Some rough estimations at least?? Now I am getting to feel ignored, and I really DONT like this kind of a feeling. I am also wondering where is this "enhanced customer support" which I am paying for in the PREMIUM plan:
  4. I am not writing about the missing features. I am writing about BUG which shall have higher prio than missing feature. Moreover: the thread here has more than 190 replies - it is one of the biggest discussion in the whole forum - it can be quite good measure of the impact of the problem. There are also at least 2 other threads about the same problem. Total number of answers in those 3 threads is almost 250. This topic is the most hot topic on the whole evernote forum. And you're saying that "its a minor issue". LOL. In addition, if you check the number of views
  5. I would not care if the problem affects only evernote, but it affects the whole system!!! After the installation of Everonte the whole Windows is not usable. This IS a major problem. I don't think that you undrestand the impact. Secondly, you don't have the idea about the number of subscriptions in non-english countries and not solving the issue because it is connected "only with some slavic, non-important languages" is a brillant case of discrimination. The problem does not reffers to the translation, but, as it was already written multiple times, installation of evernote makes the whol
  6. It is not a solution!!!! It does not solve the problem with the newest Evernote client therefore shall not be marked as a solution. It is a workaround!!! I am also a user from Poland without a possibility of change the default sh**y keyboard settings of Evernote. The product is not usable at all in Poland. I am the premium user - are Evernote going to give me back my money or at least some discount??
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