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  1. This is great stuff! Might be able to ditch Outlook to do…..if you add one feature. While Outlook emails can be turned into notes with the add on, it would be great to send an email right into EN as a task. I use Outlook to do for that all the time and would rather have it in EN. Thanks!
  2. The first time around, it did not work. Just got a chance to try again and it worked this time. THANK YOU!!!!!! Life saver. It’s sad that I’m so dependent on this darn phone and apps like EN, but it is what it is I suppose. thanks again.
  3. IT LOCKED ME OUT. MY IOS APP IS NOW STUCK ON THE “Try it Free Early Access” page. Clicked the terms of service. NOTHING!!!! Logged in and out, deleted and reloaded. Please! What’s the secret? I need to get into notes for my job.
  4. More colors please! As many have suggested, the colors of fonts are far less important than highlighter colors. We can take photos of four colors of post it notes tagged to different notebooks but we only get pale yellow for highlighting? WHA?
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