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  1. Evernote: Have you heard of the term "Brand Equity". Please do us a favor and look it up. For years, Evernote has been identified by its green elephant. That IS the Evernote brand identifier. It's used on the main website, this discussion forum, the Android app, the iOS app, the browser extensions, the Windows client & desktop icons, the Macintosh client and icons, and probably a dozen other places. One of Evernote's prime advantages over its rival (ahem) is its cross-platform ease of use. Just look for that green elephant. Well, now they've blown it and made it a colorless white meatball that lurks among the other colorless blobs in the Windows tray. It's hard to spot quickly (even after weeks of use.. I thought I would get used to it.. nope) and just generally makes things harder for users, not easier. Bring back the green icon. Soon.
  2. Bring back the green one or at the very least, please spend a couple of bytes and allow the user to choose. Foolish move on Evernote's part. Despite its immense utility, the software has had some rough edges for years that devoted users all know about. Instead of chipping away at these, they waste time/money AND make things just a smidge tougher for the users. Who is running the company?
  3. I am completely baffled at this dopey move. Evernote had some uniqueness in the tray—it was easy to see when it was up and running and quick to find. Now it blends in with everything else. Why they waste development resources on changing icons and fiddling with the "look" is beyond me. They not only annoy their users, but do little to attract new ones. How about instead spending some time so that TAB actually works like a tab instead of just adding 4 spaces, which is completely pointless and useless to align text vertically? No, it's easier to muck with icon colors and then pat ourselves on the back. Very disappointed.
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