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  1. Let's call it a feature ? I use the single quote option to see the highligting.
  2. I tried, and it finds the notes, but there's no highlighting of the occurrences in the note. (like stated in my original post).
  3. I am a tester working in an environment where applications run on many different domains. Our domains typically have names with one or more hyphens in them, for example: 'ap-as-1.ananas.com' Often, I need to to find my activities and notes related to a specific domain, e.g. 'ap-as-1.ananas.com' Also, often, I need to find words that happen to have a hyphen in them, for example user ids that I use for testing purposes, like 'User-001' I have two issues here: 1. When using a search term like 'ap-as*' it will find the notes with the domain, but the matches are NOT highlighted.
  4. Thank you for this insight in the search algorithm of Evernote. It gives me some context that will help me explain the search results I have. I am not sure yet whether I am glad with the result. To me, it makes the search result kind of unpredictable, and I am getting worried, as my note base is growing quite fast, that I won't be able to find back notes in the future. As for the first one ("potatoes"), fine with me. I didn't know that Windows did add the wildcard implicitly. Can by annoying, can be useful. I am fine with it. One note about Evernote's documentation though: '... whic
  5. Because I was having unexpected search results in Evernote, I started to read https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php I was especially interested in the section "Matching Literal Terms". The examples suggest that Evernote does whole word search (if no wildcards are used). This is not correct. Maybe it has changed over time? 'potato' (without quotes) matches "Sweet Potato Pie" AND "Mash four potatoes together" and "lotofpotatoes" See my annotated screenshots attached. Please correct the erroneous (therefor confusing) examples in Evernote's documentation
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