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  1. This is a repetition of what other people have pointed out, but I feel the need to add my voice in the hope that the people in charge will see what the problem is. The new version is completely unusable and I have downgraded back to version 6. 1) No preferences What kind of ridiculous nonsense is this? A productivity tool like this NEEDS to be customizable to suit people's actual needs. Forcing users to change our workflow around your defaults is not ok. Give us all the options from before and more. Some things need to be switched off or adjusted. Most notably... 2) L
  2. Just went back to legacy as well. No access to preferences is app-killing nonsense. Having red squiggles under every note that is in a different language is ridiculous. Give us all the functionality of the old version before you pretend this is an upgrade.
  3. Similar issues, I use multiple languages and not having access to customization is a critical error. This is not just a preference - you have made Evernote UNUSABLE. Going back to the legacy version and if this nonsense is not fixed I will have to unsubscribe.
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