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  1. I don't see the same interface for Windows at least. (Version: 10.60.4) Here is a screenshot of when I create a new note: When I click on Add more, I only get option to choose from existing templates and not from my custom templates which I had created. PS: I also see the option to convert a note to a template missing. May be the feature has been entirely removed.
  2. I had been keeping my templates as notes to this day. This backup helped now that templates are gone. But custom templates or templates gallery are removed is such an important feature for me.
  3. Can we also include the feature to have tasks in Table as well? I use Eissenhower matrix for my maintaining my tasks and I have created a Evernote table. However, I can't embed tasks inside a table.
  4. I was able to fix it by following steps: Uninstalled Evernote and removed any traces of Evernote from my Mac(removed all container data) Updated my Mac(mojave 10.14.5) --> 10.14.6 (18G8022) Installed latest version of Evernote (10.9.10-mac-ddl-public (2439) Editor: v119.1.15375 Service: v1.30.2 I haven't used scribble on my iPad and try to sync scribbled images or edited images it to my Mac desktop. Last time, it broke all the images. I will wait for stable release both on iPad and Mac desktop.
  5. I was trying to create notes via scribble in my Ipad(6th generation). After syncing it to my macbook air(mojave 10.14.5), all the images notes have been converted to broken untitled attachment. After going through all the posts in discussion forum, I did try the following steps: Quite evernote and restart it Uninstall my evernote(10.8.5) and install latest one(10.9.10) for mac However, the problem still persisted. Interestingly, I am able to access my images from web version. So, it seems like a mac version problem to me. I am attaching the screenshot of my mac evernote.
  6. @gazumped I will try Noteability and Goodnotes and let you know my feedback. Hopefully, they will work on improving the quality of Penultimate. @DTLow I get your point and the context from where you are coming from but it boils down to personal preference. For me, rather than having an array of tools for different tasks, I prefer a small number of tools with high efficiency.
  7. I have used ipad default notes app which also lack this feature. However, I have recently started using Penultimate which seems good enough for now. There are some basic problems like directly sync to a particular notebook of evernote rather than the default one, slow reponse to touch etc. I would prefer to be in same ecosystem of evernote if they keep working on sync and removing basic problems of side products.
  8. Hi everyone, I am currently studying chemistry and biology basics to implement those into machine learning models for drug discovery domain. A lot of my notes consist of figures, chemical reactions, templates etc. Most of the time, I get new information about a topic and I want to add that information to that topic as well. But since that topic is in the middle of the note, so I don't have space to add it. The cut and paste feature by marking area can't be applied here because I have a long trail of note and many times my topic is in the middle of my note(sometimes there are lots of pages after it as well). So, I want a feature of adding a line or space in the middle of the note(just like adding a row in excel sheet or pressing enter in a digitally produced note where the rest of the content shifts downwards.). PS: Something like comments in a pdf viewer can also be tried where extra information can be added to the same topic in the note without disturbing space.
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