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  1. Yes, that's the one that gave me the error code and then said I logged out.
  2. I'm using Firefox on a PC laptop. Should that matter?!? Any ideas about why I cannot move a note from personal to business?? I do it all of the time and suddenly today, I'm unable. That's my real need right now.
  3. Now I get this - instead of a webpage: success "false" reason "csrf_failure"
  4. I am an Evernote Certified Consultant. Every time I try to login to Help, it says I logged out. It will not allow me to send an email to support because I'm using Help as a guest (because it won't allow me to login!). I'm going crazy over here to submit a simple request!! I am currently unable to move notes from my personal notebook to a business notebook. That is the original issue that I'm trying to get help for.
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