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Templates notebook & tags

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As the two (very similar) functions described below or simple and quick way to obtain the same result do not seem to exist

When using templates, the corresponding notes :
- will often be filed in the same notebook
- will often have the same tags

The proposal is therefore to link to the template when creating it:
- a notebook
- tags

Incidentally, it would be necessary to make the management of templates easier:
- edition
- sorting

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Hi.  It would not be a good idea to make templates notebook-specific,  otherwise you'd have to create a separate template for every notebook you have where that content was required.  It's easy to create a note from a template and reassign the note to whichever notebook you prefer.

If you want it with or without tags,  that's also easy to set up.  As to 'editions' of templates - to replace a template,  just delete the old one. To add a new variation,  add keywords to the name - "telephone call short" and "telephone call detailed" or some such.

If none of that sastisfies your needs,  please explain more...

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5 hours ago, hpchavaz said:

The proposal is therefore to link to the template when creating it:
- a notebook
- tags

I see your point. I personally prefer the current default of creating the note in the current notebook. As templates are added after the note has been created I can see alot of problems with somehow forcing the note to move to a certain notebook after a template has been used. 

There is a nice time saver with tags.Put a list of the tags you want, separated by commas, in the main body of the template. Once you have applied the template to your new note, the list of tags can be cut and pasted into the tag area at the bottom of the note and EN will parse it and add the appropriate tags.


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