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  1. Recently updated about a week ago because it prompted me and now it hangs like a wizard's sleeve. Exact same thing as mojtabaa here
  2. Hey DTLow, I would really like to have another message from you on this forum telling us to use a word processing app. This is some really top notch contribution here. I like that in a feature request forum, you are telling people to stop requesting features. I wonder how many times you have said that people should use an external word processor app. I wonder very simply because you have said it countless times. You keep posting this idea as if it were some new thing nobody ever thought of doing. It adds nothing, nobody here thinks you're clever. You are the single most useless
  3. I'm having the exact same issues on Windows 7 with the new evernote. It's getting to a point where I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription. Do you guys not test your software before releasing it to paying members? And why is formatting so wonky now? Removing formatting doens't work properly and inserts line spacing (which you can't adjust, I'll have you know). What happened to evernote?
  4. When I copy and paste text, and remove formatting, it often sets the line spacing at 2.0 or something, and there is no way to change it. It completely destroys the purpose of using evernote to keep things tidy. Line spacing is a necessary feature for this program, it's not simply a "nice to have." Do not insult my intelligence by telling me to use an external rich text processor. I pay a lot of money for evernote. This feature is EASILY implemented and should be included. Arguing against implementing line spacing is as wrong as arguing against the progress of society as a whole. I
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