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  1. Evernote went ahead and installed its automatic update (...ummm... yeah, thanks for that)... and now the program crashes within a few seconds of launching. To be clear, I was already using the newest 10 version, and was really hoping this new upgrade would fix things (like maybe enabling the PREFERENCES again?!) but no, it just completely crashed evernote, which I need for work. Now I'm losing time and money because you guys decided to do an automatic upgrade. Wonderful. I want a refund for the past month (throughout which the program has been pretty much unusable) and three months free because this incident is a colossal waste of my time and business. During those few months I will be transitioning to a different piece of software that have some kind of common sense and basic respect for their own customers, let alone respect for its own product. If you do not refund I will initiate a chargeback on my card because your software has not been working properly and I am done being scammed by your utterly clueless and pathetically mismanaged company.
  2. This update is probably Evernote's most absurd move yet, trying (and failing miserably) to be the Apple of notetaking apps. The fact that this software doesn't even have preferences when they charge people a premium fee is about as much as I'm willing to take from this company. I have been struggling watching Evernote get worse and worse by the year over the past five years. It's heartbreaking, and very very frustrating from a business and personal standpoint, but I do not trust this company anymore, I do not think they deserve our money anymore, because they clearly have no idea how to develop software, and I think we all better switch to a company that has some common sense. Because this one has clearly lost any and all it had left. The way this software/company treats its customers is an insult to basic human intelligence. The fact that NOBODY, and I mean LITERALLY NOBODY from the company ever replies anywhere or addresses people's questions in this forum is just another example of the absolute mismanagement of resources at this company. Goodbye Evernote. You will forever be remembered as the software that started out great but has devolved into incoherent nonsense which I now warn people not to touch with a ten foot pole. I'm cancelling my subscription right now and will be asking for my money back.
  3. Recently updated about a week ago because it prompted me and now it hangs like a wizard's sleeve. Exact same thing as mojtabaa here
  4. Hey DTLow, I would really like to have another message from you on this forum telling us to use a word processing app. This is some really top notch contribution here. I like that in a feature request forum, you are telling people to stop requesting features. I wonder how many times you have said that people should use an external word processor app. I wonder very simply because you have said it countless times. You keep posting this idea as if it were some new thing nobody ever thought of doing. It adds nothing, nobody here thinks you're clever. You are the single most useless force to ever exist in the history of software development. Does anyone really value your contributions here? Your trite responses are getting extremely tiring.
  5. I'm having the exact same issues on Windows 7 with the new evernote. It's getting to a point where I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription. Do you guys not test your software before releasing it to paying members? And why is formatting so wonky now? Removing formatting doens't work properly and inserts line spacing (which you can't adjust, I'll have you know). What happened to evernote?
  6. When I copy and paste text, and remove formatting, it often sets the line spacing at 2.0 or something, and there is no way to change it. It completely destroys the purpose of using evernote to keep things tidy. Line spacing is a necessary feature for this program, it's not simply a "nice to have." Do not insult my intelligence by telling me to use an external rich text processor. I pay a lot of money for evernote. This feature is EASILY implemented and should be included. Arguing against implementing line spacing is as wrong as arguing against the progress of society as a whole. I don't understand why you have such a bone to pick against this feature. You seem to repeatedly post the exact same sentiment everywhere as if you still weren't satisfied with yourself. It's beyond me why you have such a problem with it. It makes no sense and people have requested this for eight years. There is no reason to have all the text options except for line spacing. What a silly thing to argue about. Please consider adding this very basic text editing feature. This is a premium product and I'm constantly dumbfounded that I can't edit the line spacing.
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