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  1. I reverted to the Legacy version as 10 won't work, and even before it completely broke itself it lost all the functionality I used in the prior version. I did not uninstall it yet, as I want to be helpful if support responds.
  2. First after updating my notes were gone... I had only a menu bar and a white screen. No notes. I closed the application. I rebooted my laptop. Now the application will not reopen... not from the taskbar, not from desktop, not from the file manager, nothing. I am also extremely displeased with the new format and what it has done to web clipped content, which is 90%+ of my content. I need to find out if it is possible to revert to the previous version. Thankfully I can access my notes on the mobile version, but creating new content there is harder. Hoping for a quick resolution!
  3. I'm am so frustrated, I'm spitting and cursing. I have used Evernote and Web Clipper for *years*. I have over 8,600 notes... meticulously curated, each started with an image clipped from the web, and with personal notations added. I have loved that the clipper records a title, the source URL, as well as the image, so I can go back to the original image if needed, or provide others with the original source and credit. Half of my notes are images for a personal inventory of purchased supplies, with the URL of the place of purchase. For me to now have to copy and paste multiple fields is so aggravating, it is beyond words. I guess this is what happens when you come to rely on a product on a daily basis, and then they decide they know better than you do on how you use it. I'm using Evernote Premium on the PC application, version, on WIndows 2007 and Chrome as my browser. After reading the above comments, I will be trying other browsers in an attempt to make this work again. As much as I don't like the other browsers, I either have to make Clipper work properly again or convert to another organization tool. Just as stated in the opening post, I did not change any settings, nor did I recently update the application. I'd swear this was working properly a few days ago and without notice, it's just not. Any other suggestions for reverting to the prior function would be greatly appreciated.
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