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  1. I reverted to the Legacy version as 10 won't work, and even before it completely broke itself it lost all the functionality I used in the prior version. I did not uninstall it yet, as I want to be helpful if support responds.
  2. First after updating my notes were gone... I had only a menu bar and a white screen. No notes. I closed the application. I rebooted my laptop. Now the application will not reopen... not from the taskbar, not from desktop, not from the file manager, nothing. I am also extremely displeased with the new format and what it has done to web clipped content, which is 90%+ of my content. I need to find out if it is possible to revert to the previous version. Thankfully I can access my notes on the mobile version, but creating new content there is harder. Hoping for a quick resolution!
  3. I'm am so frustrated, I'm spitting and cursing. I have used Evernote and Web Clipper for *years*. I have over 8,600 notes... meticulously curated, each started with an image clipped from the web, and with personal notations added. I have loved that the clipper records a title, the source URL, as well as the image, so I can go back to the original image if needed, or provide others with the original source and credit. Half of my notes are images for a personal inventory of purchased supplies, with the URL of the place of purchase. For me to now have to copy and paste multiple fields is so aggra
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