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  1. Yes, please! I am a premium subscriber and a very heavy user of getting things done with evernote and I absolutely rely on the use of a tag system + notebooks to organize my work. I had to buy myself an android tablet, because only the android widget lets me properly build a dashboard sorting by tag, swiping from one desktop screen to the next (with 7+ widgets... crazy!). I actually want to use evernote on my iPhone and Mac and I hope you can see through how much length and costs I went to be able to work with evernote. Up to this date it is the only way for me how I can use evernote productively. If they every give up that widget, I would erase my account and move back to OneNote. Also, why can't we build a sort of dashboard / start screen by metadata columns or something? (similar to the widget solution).
  2. +1 - this really constitutes a major reason why I can’t use Evernote for my Getting Things Done system
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