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  1. Sweet! At long last a solution!! I've now 'jailbroken' my scanner and am free of Evernote!! Thanks for the support, folks!
  2. @Gazumped, Fujitsu HAS updated their application. The ball is now in Evernote's court to pull the update into their own driver. Further, unless you are a premium (paid) user, you cannot raise a support ticket. It's impossible, I have tried (obviously I am not a premium user). Since the Fujitsu driver has been available for a month, I feel like Evernote should have been able to quickly do their own update by now. I'm thinking we've paid for these expensive scanners that are now not functioning properly. Is that worth suing a company over? I don't know. I'm thinking it's worth bad word-of-mouth advertising as far as I can spread it. So, so, so disappointed.
  3. That's what I think, Evernote seems to have forgotten this scanner, which only fuels my lack of desire to pay for premium membership with them. I find if I open the scanner and let it sit, it sometimes still finds the wifi connection, but there is still the problem of the error message indicating a 64-bit software will soon be required, rending THIS Scanner useless. I appreciate that you opened a ticket- I am unable to without paying for premium membership.
  4. I'm sorry....I"m probably posting the same things someone else has, but I've looked for an hour and can't find this topic. I purchased a (rather expensive) Scansnap Evernote Edition scanner that now requires an updated app for Mac OS Mojave. I keep getting a popup about needing to update it soon. I see that Fujitsu released a 64 bit version of their Scansnap software for Mojave, but can find NOT ONE SINGLE THING from Evernote about this. I do see that because I no longer pay for Evernote, I cannot even submit a support ticket!! How irritating! So my question is: has EN issued any news regarding updating the Scanner software? Or should I sell this scanner, tell all my friends I recommended it to to do the same, and get a new Fujitsu?
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