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  1. GrammaKathleen

    ScanSnap Evernote Edition and Mac OS Mojave

    That's what I think, Evernote seems to have forgotten this scanner, which only fuels my lack of desire to pay for premium membership with them. I find if I open the scanner and let it sit, it sometimes still finds the wifi connection, but there is still the problem of the error message indicating a 64-bit software will soon be required, rending THIS Scanner useless. I appreciate that you opened a ticket- I am unable to without paying for premium membership.
  2. I'm sorry....I"m probably posting the same things someone else has, but I've looked for an hour and can't find this topic. I purchased a (rather expensive) Scansnap Evernote Edition scanner that now requires an updated app for Mac OS Mojave. I keep getting a popup about needing to update it soon. I see that Fujitsu released a 64 bit version of their Scansnap software for Mojave, but can find NOT ONE SINGLE THING from Evernote about this. I do see that because I no longer pay for Evernote, I cannot even submit a support ticket!! How irritating! So my question is: has EN issued any news regarding updating the Scanner software? Or should I sell this scanner, tell all my friends I recommended it to to do the same, and get a new Fujitsu?