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  1. My Fault Yeah, English is my second language and I am glad that you guys could still understand me. Alex
  2. Hope that the mobile platform could catch up some of the important feastures in desktop platform asap.
  3. I am using multiple clients windows, mac, web and android. As of today, versions are 10.8.5, 10.8.4 (to the best of my memory as i don't have my mac with me right now), 10.8.4 and 10.5 respective fro Win, Mac Web and Android. I am so happy with win store version 10.8.5, it's fast, no obvious bugs, reminder system back in place. Please bring every other platform up to date please !!
  4. yes. I prefer they work on the bugs and do not waste time to answer (and argue). If they do reply, hopefully not posting bull xxxx standard all-the-same answers. Evernote is very 'special' they also make ppl angry by 'upgrading' the product but eventually they deal with all the complaints by removing the bugs and enhancing [but they take a longer time than other software company to fix in general]. If one stick with evernote long enough, one could understand me. But this time, version 10 is going too far and reaches my last line of tolerance. If they don't fix those ridicious bugs (and "features") within few months, I will really consider to find alternative.
  5. In my case, all data are still there, but all png and jpg can't be displayed and the note can't be sorted by reminder date anymore. The on screen keybaord popup randomly, reminder date can't always be updated (really random) and the data arrangement is not suitable for a phone (webapp windows and mac are acceptable). I also note that evernote webapp version is 10.8 and notes could be sorted by reminder dates and overall experience is much better. The Evernote team should consider rolling out the same version in all platform, and do a thorough test before rolling out.
  6. The eye candy is good. But if one rely on the reminder system as productivity tool, the 10.5 version is a disaster.
  7. Absolutely disappointed. For minor buggy behaviours, I could tolerate. However, I cannot sort my reminders according to deadlines which render Evernote for Android uselss for me. Furthermore, eye candies are lovely but shall not compromise the functionanlity - PLEASE BRING BACK the old reminder list showing the caption and reminder date and time on the same line. Evernote is supposed to increase productivy ! A 12 years user.
  8. Switching to Card View is working fine as per José Almeida. Anyway, it's still ok to use Card view instead of Snippet view but I think the development team should add an option to enable to disable it for all views.
  9. It is extremely annoying and make the reminder system unusable. At the very least, give us an option to disable it
  10. Same here. Hope that the developers could fix it as soon as possible. I usually do my web-clipping using my phone and it's a disaster. Is that problem doesn't exist in the non-beta version. If so, I will remove the beta version and reinstall my evernote app for android.
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