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  1. Hi SevenAndrew, The best thing you can do is open a ticket with the Evernote Technical Support Team. Explain your problem with them and put your Evernote mailaddress and the mail addressen you are trying to send from in your ticket. Evernote had a problem with their forwarding service last week and it seems that they block all domains except some obvious ones like gmail and outlook. They will whitelist domains on request.
  2. Got answer from the Evernote Technical Support Team. According to them they had an issue with the forwarding service which is resolved now. In my opinion they indeed whitelisted the domain that I mentioned in my ticket, but the claim that they had an issue that is now resolved is false. The email address I normally use is working now, but when I try to send from my work email the mail still disappears. Whitelisting a single address or domain is in my opinion covering up a widespread problem.
  3. I am a system administrator and when I make the blacklist of our mailserver so strict I delete mails from our customers without any notice, I think my boss will fire me on the spot. I think they had a problem last week and they had to come up with a quick and dirty solution. I wonder what happened with the mails I sent. If they where really completely deleted I find that very disturbing. A mail should get a spam score depending on a lot of factors. If a domain does not have DMAC, DKIM and SPF records, I can understand mail sent from that domain is blocked, perhaps even without a notice. But when a mail system doesn't have any reason to distrust the mail other than a self made whitelist, it is bad practice. Hopefully it is something they are working on.
  4. I opened a Ticket and got answer within an hour. They had a problem last week with the forwarding service and they made some updates to protect our accounts. While I think that is a good thing, I find it surprising my mails are disappearing without any error message. Beside that, the domain that I am using contains all authenticity marks against email forgery (DMAC, DKIM and SPF). I think their protection is too strict. I used to blindly trust Evernote as "my second brain", but if I send information to my "second brain" and it never arrives there, it is even worse than my own brain
  5. It indeed works with my gmail account. Will open a case to whitelist my domain or mailaddress. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I am also experiencing the same issue. I'm forwarding my emails to my evernote account and I see in the log of my mailserver that the mail was delivered, but they are not showing up in Evernote. Luckily I did check if my mails where received by Evernote before deleting them. For me this is one of the most important features and Evernote is not a service I can blindly trust anymore.
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