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  1. old thread I know (for forum bores who always comment against posting on old threads yawwwwnnn), but for people searching on google re. similar issues, I was having hassle with not being able to edit the Evernote highlighting in Word (but not wanting to paste as 'text only'), and I only just discovered that in Word it is pasted as 'Shading' NOT 'Highlighting' and is perfectly editable. In Word, on the “Home” tab, instead of the “Text Highlight Color” icon in the “Font” group, look for the “Shading” icon in the “Paragraph” group. Hope this helps someone.
  2. after you have scanned, instead of selecting 'SAVE', select 'SEND'. For me (iOS), 'SEND' will then allow me to 'share' as a PDF. However if click 'SAVE' it will save to Camera Roll as a PNG (even though have chosen file type on scan as PDF).
  3. I had same problem, saying 8 clips importing but never actually doing it. These were clips from 2 days ago. I cannot simply reinstall app because I can't lose them - I don't remember the exact content links and work-related (I rely on clipping so I don't need to remember!). Just leaving the app open on my iphone didn't work (don't have ipad), tried doing this many times over a couple of days, but the iphone app would just close (& sometimes seem to freeze/crash). Anyhow, this seemed to work for me: I closed down every single app by double-clicking Home button, then shutdown my iphone, restarted it & just opened EN app, left it open, and when came back from shops it had successfully imported everything.
  4. We used to able to easily 'toggle' hiding the notes list by pressing F11 - which is great for focusing on a note and easier than double-clicking on an individual note to open in a separate window. Used this every day, but has disappeared with the recent 'update'. Understand benefit of 'full screen' but please not at the expense of this basic control feature.
  5. Agree with what has been said, a retrograde step, losing so many features. I use this for my business. I chose EN because of the power tools for Windows desktop users, and had best chrome clipping tool when I compared ages ago. PITA that I now need to compare the market again. What's really bugging me right now is not being able to quickly (at all!) hide the Notes List (used to be able to do this via F11 but now not working). Also I use with Snag-it and the EN plug-in now not working since this update. People just want to get on with their work.
  6. I agree, I need to write < 3 without space & without it turning into stupid ❤️ !!! This must be removed or at least an option to disable! EN is first & foremost for note-taking not a chat app!
  7. I've had this problem all day. Doing lots of annotation in a pdf file, almost 50 pages, using the EN annotating tool. Saving and exiting works for a bit, but then it seems to lose the file. I can see the note in the note List but the note itself appears completely empty. I have tried using Note history and restoring different versions, and starting from scratch with new files, the same thing happens. When I delete the notes and view in Trash I can see - in the left hand Note List - a tiny thumbnail of the pdfs (and I can spot annotations in it) but again the right hand note itself appears empty. Just upgraded precisely in order to annotate PDFs, to be more productive ...erk ? Any help greatly appreciated
  8. I also really need to be able to see more than one line of tags at a glance, without having to notice and use the dropdown on the right of the toolbar to see more tags that have been allocated. Very surprised this is not customisable.
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