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  1. I agree, I need to write < 3 without space & without it turning into stupid ❤️ !!! This must be removed or at least an option to disable! EN is first & foremost for note-taking not a chat app!
  2. I've had this problem all day. Doing lots of annotation in a pdf file, almost 50 pages, using the EN annotating tool. Saving and exiting works for a bit, but then it seems to lose the file. I can see the note in the note List but the note itself appears completely empty. I have tried using Note history and restoring different versions, and starting from scratch with new files, the same thing happens. When I delete the notes and view in Trash I can see - in the left hand Note List - a tiny thumbnail of the pdfs (and I can spot annotations in it) but again the right hand note itself appears empty. Just upgraded precisely in order to annotate PDFs, to be more productive ...erk ? Any help greatly appreciated
  3. I also really need to be able to see more than one line of tags at a glance, without having to notice and use the dropdown on the right of the toolbar to see more tags that have been allocated. Very surprised this is not customisable.
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