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  1. I workaround this by creating multiple notebooks under a stack so instead of tagging, I move each small note into notebooks topic categories so the next unsorted note will come into view for sorting thus eliminating the notes list from being full of tagged notes that requires scrolling down and multiple steps of thinking, searching, moving hands to mouse, move mice pointer around, squinting eyes to click on the next note to sort, etc what do u think? what are the pros and cons?
  2. i like how evernote is able to proactively prompt user to save photos with text to evernote. but it's a big hassle for user to search and find the photos on his phone gallery to delete as evernote after adding the photos to evernote dont delete the duplicate original photos in gallery.
  3. for next Evernote android update, why not have an option for user to add textbox to draw pad?
  4. wish there is an evernote pop up widget from windows taskbar with cursor blinking for text input like mac. pls make :)
  5. Why not an option in Windows Evernote app > Options settings > user select checkbox so Evernote auto launch when laptop start up or user log in. Please implement?
  6. to max productivity This fix will max productivity to max money for salary increase and charity donations by eliminating intermediary steps e,g, 5 seconds per touchpoints (varies e.g. thinking time, mistakes, recovery action, etc) over tens of thousands of touchpoints per user over billions of computer users across all brands worldwide, over the lifespan of technology and the lifespan of future human generations with numerous other qualitative factors. Thank you. Regards, Jianfa Ben Tsai - Beta Male
  7. thanks, could u recommend a third party hotkey app or some way to remap the evernote move note shortcut keys to other simpler two keys keyboard shortcut?
  8. microsoft words are more effective in doing text formatting and processing. for example if you right click or double click on a word there is a pop up menu for formatting tools with a plethora of helpful tools in its arsenal. Paired with the Grammarly add-in app, you can easily check grammarly, plagiarism, synonyms, and sentence structure in microsoft words app too. thus its better to just copy long articles which you need to format into microsoft words to do formatting and copy back into evernote. evernote excel as a filing cabinet. what are some alternative ways? pls share
  9. why not set as defaults the shortcut keys for new note window, screen slip, search evernote in options settings to use the SHIFT key instead so there is less thinking time wasted, movement time wasted, smaller learning curve between the move note "CTRL + SHIFT + M" key and the other shortcut keys. E.g. the screen clip changed to "CTRL + SHIFT + S"
  10. all new things are silly, iPad was a female hygiene products as like the evolution from barter trading to cash then to cryptocurrencies. What do u reckon the number of times (touchpoints) "move note to notebook" & "close window" are pressed by the average Evernote premium user per day (so instead of 2 buttons - u cut that time by 50% by pressing one button) multiplied by the lifespan of e.g. 60 years age 20 to age 80 of a user - which varies, implemented over the number of Evernote users (both free, premium & business) over the lifespan of Evernote company + the qualitative factor of bringing this proposed integrative button to other software company's products which may last over the lifespan of technology for another 100 years to millennia or of course will not come to fruition in our lifetime with 50% chance of appearing in the future mysteriously in this app, other app or in other countries. Just like most things in life. Now if the average worker have an extra 15 mins of time from the implementation of this insight, and the 15 mins of workers time = $4 (varies), nobody hires a worker where boss makes losses, research shows boss profit at least twice of value from what he pay the worker so boss makes $8 while doing practically nothing from workers increased productivity, how much value over the lifespan of Evernote will this benefit the boss per touchpoint or per day? Above is simply a theory which may not please everyone unless there are some form of direct of indirect benefits to them preferably monetary. In debate, there are always red herrings which doesn't lead to objective scientific truth. I grew up from an abusive childhood now seeking to help society by sharing my insights as no new idea is born fully formed just like social media, the idea of smartphones, etc. In life there are bound to be mistakes made and even if those are mistakes, it may catalyst insights and throttle others to other frontiers of discovery to create products and services which benefit themselves monetary but also add value to society. Such is the power of entrepreneurship, such is the entrepreneur business owner of Evernote. God bless you all I wish you and your family safe from Coronavirus Amen Regards, Jianfa Ben Tsai - beta male
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