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  1. Good point, and fixed, I didn't realize it posted like that. Unfortunately, I've now been quoted... so too late to erase!
  2. Thanks Jason, that's a HUGE relief. I do drag my feet with upgrades, but eventually I start to worry about security. There are so many features missing in the new evernote that I literally cried with relief when I was able to download the legacy version onto Catalina!
  3. Anyone have ideas for workarounds for this? I used this function ALOT! One of Evernote's selling points is its integrations!
  4. Hello. Recently I looked for my Evernote Helper icon in Mac Header. (Not the web-clipper in Safari). The Evernote Helper clipper is my shortcut for gathering screenshots on the web and sending them as a group to my Evernote notebooks. Often I leave an array of clips open for quite some time when researching a particular subject, (when I want to categorize it and add notes before saving). The Helper Icon no longer appears on my Mac header when I am using safari or chrome. In order to make it the Helper icon appear, I must now look for the Main Evernote icon in the dock and open my Everno
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