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  1. This sometimes happens to me in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. However, since my default workflow begins with a notebook, the note load is a non-issue. I have access to everything I need with no delay. Try accessing your notes via the related notebook first, regardless of whether or not the notes are still loading.
  2. Please try this on multiple browsers! I cannot stress enough that multiple browser capability is essential. Most of our issues stem from using the same browser to do everything. When a browser updates, YOU are the regression tester. If something that was working before doesn't work after a browser update, it is more likely the fault of the browser. Try the same steps in a different browser. If it works then, make sure you report the bug in the incumbent browser as well as notify Evernote of the issue. I have two browsers installed on my Google Pixel 2 XL and a half-dozen browsers installed on my Win10 desktop. As users, we are also UX/UI/Functional/regression testers! Never forget this!
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