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  1. It'll be great if you add the properties in the screen display to Evernote. We don't need hundreds of fonts. This is causing many bugs. At least you can go to such a font constraint until you fix the bugs. The page locking feature is also superb. *** Sorry for my bad English.
  2. Some users like me want to be able to use the same fonts in all their notes. When I write a note from the phone, it looks different in the windows application. What is your problem? You're not helping. Go and do the evernote fan elsewhere.
  3. I've told you this problem before. When you write a note in the iOS application, the font characters in the windows application are freaking out. Onenote has developed a perfect and simple solution for this. You can also select the default font and size in the mobile app (same as PC app). In this way, you do not experience any font mismatch in your notes in windows and ios. You can add this setting to the main settings section. I'm sending you a example in the attachment.
  4. There's a serious problem about 6.15 Beta. I've recently changed my Evernote password. I also turned on the two-step verification feature. So, after entering the password to the application, the confirmation code is sent to my phone. But I just logged out and then accidentally opened my old password and opened the application. I logged back in and opened it, and this time I entered the new password I changed. The application sent the confirmation code to my phone and then the application was opened with this password. How can my old password still open the application? Without asking for a c
  5. Please watch the enclosed video. When I open the Evernote iOS app, do you see how late the app opens? After the last few updates, Evernote iOS has started to work seriously slowly. The Program is opening late and there is a problem with the notes. Video.MOV
  6. In Windows Evernote, the "Segoe UI" font is set to a standard size of 12 fonts. I got a new note from the ipad for trial purposes. And look in Windows, almost every line has a different font and size. I didn't make any adjustments to the note I received on the ipad.How many times i wrote them, all platforms (twitter, email, website..). Every time same answers. But for some reason, nobody's still offering a solution.
  7. When I take notes from an ipad, this type of font appears. I set my standard font settings on Windows Evernote as a Segoe UI. When I enter the Web Evernote, it looks like this when there is no problem with Windows Evernote.
  8. Please make a option for only read the note. I don’t want to allow me to make changes when I accidentally click. Please add this feature (only read option) There was a lot of demand for it. This is a long-awaited request.
  9. I think everyone should say your opinion under that title. I want a more modern and minimal interface first.
  10. The design is pretty ugly. Must be a more understandable color palette. White and light green colors, the eyes are exhausting. You need to change the shades. More special fonts should also be brought. Fonts such as "ş, Ü, ğ, ö" look very ugly in the titles.It also does not match the font sizes you used when working in the "Evernote Windows" program.
  11. I don't need enlightenment. I'm a quality control architect. If the quality of an institution begins to fall, I understand. Because of the wimps like you, firms are going down instead of developing
  12. First Problem About Font: I really hate the Evernote app. If there's one strong alterantif, I won't use Evernote again. Now, in the "Evernote Web" app, some 12 of my notes seem to have been prepared in 14 fonts. When I look through the Windows app, it all looks like it's written in 12. This program is really freaking out. All my buddies complain about similar problems. I don't want to do any more experiments. Please make an update hurry. Second Problem About Font: This is definitely a bug. It's a matter of update, believe me. I wrote in the table, tried it in the new note, or wrote
  13. This is literally rude and disrespectful. I'm the "premium" user. There are millions of "plus" and "premium" Users like me, which means "Evernote" makes millions of dollars a year, thanks to us. And what does he do for our problems? I have almost 100 emails about this "font size problem". They're stalling you with Mail traffic. Everyone is turning on each other. No results. Why can't I get a quality service from my premium purchase? The only thing Evernote needs is a rival. He acts like a spoiled little boy, Evernote. All they need is a strong opponent.
  14. No, there's no solution to that problem. I've emailed dozens of things about it. That's why I stopped using Evernote. Nobody's helping. It didn't help as a result of my close to 17 mail traffic. Evernote needs to publish an update on this issue. Evernote employees sound like waves. You're going back to where you started at the end of dozens of e-mails. Also, the "Simplify formatting" command workaround. The size of the writing is deteriorating.
  15. I erased Evernote and again install it on the iphone and on my computer. The writings came in the size of 10 fonts and the character "Segoe UI". Everything is normal. However, I enter a note from the phone (you can see from the enclosed photos) and see how big it looks from other posts. At first, I thought you were writing a different size font. But when I go through the computer and look at it (the yellow mark) I see that it's a font that's 10 written on it that's not different from the others. But it looks like it's still bigger on the phone. This is seriously disturbing. I hope I can be des
  16. Many users stop using Evernote because of defects and bugs in fonts. Different fonts appear on all devices. It's impossible to use them all at once. Your website has hundreds of feedback on fonts. Don't you consider them? You have 200 million users but you still don't solve problems with these fonts. If a single powerful alternative program is available, you will lose most of your users. If you can't do anything. Turn off the Font substitution setting. Just use Apple's San Francisco font. Like Simplenote.
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