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  1. Yes, nesting notebooks (so that there can be sub-notebooks as well as sub-sub-notebooks and so on) would be better than nesting Spaces. How soon will the nesting feature arrive for notebooks? A timeframe would be much appreciated.
  2. @Scott T. Are Spaces coming to Evernote Personal (Premium version)? If so, what's the timeframe? Will it become possible to put a Space into another Space (nesting)?
  3. @Leo Gong It's been more than 9 months since the arrival of Spaces for Evernote Business. Therefore, two questions: 1) When will Spaces be added for Evernote Personal? I believe I'm not alone in saying that a specific timeframe for Spaces in Evernote Personal would be greatly appreciated. 2) When will Spaces support nesting (putting spaces in other spaces, so that there is a folder-like structure)? Thank you in advance for your response to the questions above.
  4. I would really appreciate it if spaces could contain other spaces. That would finally solve the structural organization problem that Evernote has had for over a decade.
  5. Hello Evernote Developers, Can you please increase the note character limit to 30 million Unicode characters? Because with the max note size of 200 MB, it's a shame those 200 MB cannot be used for text (aka the primary content of notes). Hope to hear from Evernote as to whether the character limit is going to be increased any time soon. Best regards, Kitezh47 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A user with a similar frustration: https://software4scholars.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/evernotes-secret-character-limit-to-notes/ //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  6. @Leo Gong Is there any timeframe for Spaces being added to Evernote Personal? Frankly, I can't wait to forgo Stacks for Spaces.
  7. So far, I've got 346 failed Evernote clips. Reclipping them individually is going to take too much time. How do I reclip them all at once? Hope the EN Team will respond to this.
  8. Any timeframe for Evernote Spaces being made available to Evernote Personal users?
  9. @Leo Gong On an unrelated note, are the features for efficiently managing long notes going to be added? I mean note sections and creating a Wikipedia-style in-note table of contents, each item of which links to a specific note section. That would be ideal for stream-of-consciousness notes. I'd like to put my (sometimes fragmentary) ideas on some topic into the respective note section.
  10. Hello, @Leo Gong! In the light of the Evernote Business Beta Release, here are my two suggestions: Enable putting notes in Stacks; Make Spaces available in the personal beta version of Evernote. Hope to get a response as to whether the requested features are going to be added. Best regards, @Kitezh47 .
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