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  1. Still using an older legacy version on mac and wouldn't go near the new *****. Unfortunately on mobile the new horrible (beta quality at best) app was forced upon us. After the new android app refused to fully download several notebooks (after a day of "downloading" - even after several steps to try and force it download notebooks one by one [and no they aren't even big]), and the ones it did it simply deleted all the data after opening the app without Internet access (and prompted to login - even tho offline!). Since EN pushed the new android app, it has "reset" itself by deleting the local data+cache several times. I've been an EN user for 12 years and a paid user for much of that time. The main reason I pay now is for offline access on mobile. Now that the new mobile apps are online-first and offline-maybe/can't-rely-on, then what's the point? Also, it's funny that support's response to these problems is that, oh sorry it's new software and there are problems. Sorry no, I've been using this software fine for over a decade (well, always keeping to older stable versions anyway) and now you push out some ***** that doesn't work and expect us to keep paying for paid features that don't work? Software companies should be able to be sued when they break paid features of their software. Anyway, not renewing and its hard since I've used it for so long but its become unusable on mobile.
  2. Is there any way or any version of the apk (or any way to tweak it) to prevent evernote from updating the apk installed version (without turning off updates for ALL android apps)? I installed the 8.13.3, re-downloaded all the offline notebooks I wanted. Then a few days later when I was offline I went to use the app and all the content was gone, it wouldn't let me open the app since it required a login and I realized it had auto-updated it to horrible 10.6 version. I can't believe... well I can since its evernote... that they'd deploy an app that removes a key paid feature (the ability to download notebooks and use the app offline - 10.6 broke both these effectively). The only reason I paid for evernote was for offline use and they broke it and now I can't even use the version that still works.
  3. What is the latest stable least-buggy/annoying version for Yosemite? I'm still on 6.1.1 but want to get above 6.3 since I read that version improve spotlight search abilities (from finder). I've read there seem to be many issues/etc with versions from 6.10 on, so should I go with 6.9.2 or ??? I don't care about the new tables features since it sounds like it's really messing up people's notes and the newer version have sync problems among many other issues not in prior versions. Thanks!
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