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  1. Unbelievable! Whoever thought getting rid of new Windows and new tabs was a good idea has made a big, big mistake! To the (many) of us who use these features, new windows and tabs are an essential part of our workflow. How can you just remove features that are fundamental to the way many of us work. Tabs and windows consolidate multiple different work streams. There's a reason new windows and tabs are still used on internet browsers - they're extremely useful ! I have loved using Evernote and have been a premium subscriber for many years but this really is not good. Have installed Evernote legacy for now but I too now need to look for an exit strategy. Very sad indeed Please, please reintroduce these features!
  2. On the off-chance that product management read this thread then I'd like to add my support for the text toggling (text collapsing) feature. Long term Premium user and I love Evernote but some long notes with different sections of information are impractical to visualize or navigate without this feature. For some of my technical notes, I have to use Notion because it makes the information so easy to consume & navigate (isn't this one of the main objectives of a note-taking app ?). This feature has clearly got a lot of interest and requests so please include it so we don't have to use additional tools which fragment our workflow. Thanks
  3. Hi, Just got my Surface Go (still running in S-Mode) . Installed all updates and having the same issue. As soon as the App launches, it closes after a second or two. This is really inconvenient as I use Evernote for work every day (and I don't want to switch out of S-Mode). Will use online Web version for now. Hope this gets a fix soon.
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