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  1. I have the same problem, sync was not working, updated Evernote (now version: ) and after that it asks me for my password all the time and never syncs. The only solution is to downgrade to 6.7 and install the hotfix then? this is really annoying !!
  2. OK, I'm starting to hate EverNote and thinking in changing to another app Every time I need to create or edit a note it takes from 10 seconds to 1 minute !!! really???? I know this problem is very common and I was hoping we could post a final solution (or all the options) I found this: His solution is to block Evernote.exe with the Firewall, I think was working a bit better after that, but continue being really slow and blocking the workaround is really ugly WHY!? is so slow???? the purpose of taking notes is to be able to do it quickly ! and have really fast access to them too ! I'm trying to find a solution here before unisntalling and migrating everything to OneNote or some other app, this is really dissapoiting
  3. What about this? I think could be useful to have a simple char to type which sorts after numbers and letters...
  4. any news about this? Please add this feature, there are a lot of people using nested tags to organize better their notes. And Why to have that option if is not available on mobile too after all?
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