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  1. Sorry to follow up so quickly, but I've just looked at the network traffic that happens when I edit a note. It seems (from only about 10 minutes of testing) that the bug coincides with a call to Google Analytics (or other Google domains). Network traffic happens with evernote.com while I type happily, but I see the bug occuring and Google traffic appearing at the same time. If I have time I will try blocking that domain to see if it helps.
  2. I have also found this a problem (and have reported it via the web editor feedback button). Here is my experience: It happens when I use the web client. (I've not experienced it on the Windows client.) It happens in Firefox and Chrome, both on Windows 10. It happens on different Windows 10 machines. I have only noticed it since the Beta Editor was introduced. But... It happens on both the Beta Editor and the Classic Editor. Here is what happens: I am typing in the middle of a text note (in Beta or Classic editor of the web client). At some random point the following things happen in quick succession: The last few keystrokes are suddenly undone. If I was typing this means the last few characters disappear from the note. If I just pasted a bit of text that might disappear. The cursor jumps to the start of the note. The screen does not move to the top of the note until I type the next characters. Note that those things happen in quick succession. So - if I am typing without pausing - it looks like the cursor has just jumped to the top of the screen in the middle of typing. But on closer inspection - when I scroll back down to where I was typing originally - I also find the few characters before what's at the top of the screen have disappeared. For example, if I type "Once upon a time" at the bottom of the document and 1, 2, and 3 happen just after I type "upon a" then I will see " time" at the top of the screen, scroll back to the bottom, and see just "Once up". A slightly different effect happens if I am typing and the bug occurs a moment after I pause to think. In this case, steps 1 and 2 have happened, but 3 has not yet happened because I've not typed anything more. In this case the effect is that I will see my typed text, I will see the last few keystrokes mysteriously undone before my eyes(!), and the blinking cursor after that text will have disappeared. Scrolling to the top of the note I will see the cursor blinking away there. Yes, this is very annoying, and yes, it does make it near-impossible to work in the web editor.
  3. Feature restoration request... There used to be a useful feature in desktop Evernote for Windows which seems to have disappeared in It would be good to have the feature restored. Previous behaviour: Attach a PDF to a note Note make sure the PDF itself is displayed (i.e. right click > View as attachment is unchecked) Notice there is (was) a little drag icon on the top right of the PDF. (From memory it looked like three little horizontal lines.) Drag the PDF by this icon onto a place of your choosing. This is especially useful if you need to attach the PDF to a web page - you can just drag the PDF from Evernote into the web page's Browse button before clicking its Upload button. Present behaviour: Attach a PDF to a note Note make sure the PDF itself is displayed (i.e. right click > View as attachment is unchecked) Notice the little drag icon is missing. Now you cannot drag the PDF into a web page or other location. There are two workarounds, but it would be good to have the drag icon restored. Workaround 1: Right click > Check View as attachment. Drag the attachment as desired. Right click > Uncheck VIew as attachment. Workaround 2: Click the Download icon on the PDF. Save the PDF to some location. Open the downloaded location. Drag the file as desired. Delete the downloaded file. Thanks.
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