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  1. I agree with the above comments that this is needed to turn a larger header, medium header or small header into normal text. (See @gellat_21's detailed note above.) I have just up-voted the original post, above, by clicking on its ^ icon, and I would suggest others do the same if they think this is a worthwhile feature.
  2. I continue to experience this problem, and have found another workaround. This post is to note that. @Leo Tohill said that the UI "freeze" can be unblocked by clicking on a top level menu item, which works for me, too. I have found it can also be unblocked by clicking into another application window (for example, clicking on my browser window). At this point the Evernote UI springs back into life.
  3. I can confirm I have had this issue for a few weeks now, and it is just as described. Thank you for posting this. My setup is as follows... From Help > About Evernote: 10.36.4-win-ddl-public (3377) Editor: v147.0.18080 Service: v1.52.2 From my PC's Settings > System > About: Edition Windows 11 Home Version 21H2 Installed on ‎22/‎01/‎2022 OS build 22000.613 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.613.0
  4. One additional quirk: Twice now when this has happened Evernote has noticed some kind of conflict and created a duplicate note. Here's the popup I saw after it happened in a note (called "People") that I was editing.
  5. I reported this back in 2019 when I was using Evernote on the web. Since then I was able to return to the app which didn't seem to have those problems, and I thought it might have disappeared since the release of the all-new Evernote. But since the start of January 2021 I'm back using Evernote web (this time Mac Bug Sur and Firefox, Evernote version 10.6.9-web (225)), and only in the last few days (since approximately 13 Jan 2021) the cursor jumping problem has returned. It's hugely frustrating.
  6. I've experienced the same problem (v10.4.3 on Windows): Evernote opens at an old search, but only when starting it after a reboot. The above solution did work for me, but with an important middle step. Specifically: Open Evernote Notice it's displaying the results of an old search Close the Evernote window Notice that Evernote is still running in the system tray Click Quit Evernote from the system tray icon Open Evernote again - this is the important middle step. It doesn't display the old search. Shut down PC Start PC Open Evernote Evernote opens without displaying the old search. Let's hope that solution sticks. Many thanks @Mike P.
  7. I've also found this problem - and a slow fix. I'm using the new Windows desktop app from the Microsoft App Store, v10.4.3. To be clear on the problem I've found: In many of my old notes the spaces are actually "non-breaking spaces", unicode hex c2a0 and not the basic space, unicode hex 0020 (ASCII decimal 32). This means when I copy a line of code into a text file for execution it fails. I'm quite certain the original space was an ordinary one, not a non-breaking one. A slow fix, which allows me to fix each note manually as I find it - in brief, search and replace the offending character in the note. In detail: Highlight one of the offending non-breaking space characters. Copy it into the clipboard (Ctrl-C on Windows) Select the whole note (Ctrl-A on Windows) Open "search and replace" (Ctrl-H on Windows) In "Find in note" paste the non-breaking space in the clipboard. In "Replace with" type a single ordinary space. Click "Replace all"
  8. That is very weird. When I experienced the problem last (repeatedly) it was in the only tab in Chrome. It's also odd that @acidic68 resolved the problem by disabling a browser extension which I don't have (so it's kind-of disabled already). So it seems a solution for one person isn't a solution for another. As you say, I hope all these stories somehow help the dev team get to the bottom of this.
  9. Unfortunately the plugin to block Google Analytics has not resolved the problem for me. Although I have managed to successfully use Evernote Web Client lightly for a few days, today the problem has returned. The cursor still jumps to the top of the page, even though no calls get made to the Google Analytics domain. The only domain called now from the web client is www.evernote.com, and the problem is still present. This refers back to my previous comments describing the problem, then pointing out some coincidental activity with Google Analytics, and lastly trying a couple of solutions.
  10. @Scott T. many thanks for this. I have found the problem initially on Chrome with no plugins (it's a corporate machine, and locked down, so I can't install any plugins). But I've also found it on the following browsers that I have complete control of: Firefox (Windows 10) with these extensions: Cisco WebEx; Disconnect for Facebook; Duplicate Tab Shortcut; Evernote Web Clipper; Print/Print Preview; Timeline Support; Webmail Adblocker; Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel. The problem persists in this setup. Chrome (Windows 10) with these extensions: Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google); Google Docs Offline. And it says I have these Chrome Apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides. Note that I recently added Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) deliberately to block Google Analytics, and I'm trying to see if that fixes the problem. I've not seen the problem occur with it yet, but it's too early to be sure. Previously the problem did occur without that extension.
  11. Update 9 Jan 2020: Sorry, it seems I am mistaken. After my solution worked for a few hours it's now stopped working again. I've blocked Google Analytics using a plugin from the Chrome Store, and that seems to be okay for now. It does not seem to be linked to autosaving, however. In configurations where the error does occur my notes do autosave without the error occurring. Original post below... I seem to have found a solution to this problem. There is a caveat that I've not had this solution in place for long, but while I've had it in place it does seem to have done the trick. The solution is to set your browser to send a "Do Not Track" request to websites. In Chrome this is in Settings > Privacy and Security; set it to On. In Firefox it's Options > Privacy & Security; set it to Always. Then you should restart your browser. Since selecting this option in Chrome the problem has gone away for me. I'm hoping it's not just a coincidence. From looking at network traffic I think the problem is with Google Analytics. This would explain why it happens in the the Beta web editor and the Classic web editor - it looks like Evernote introduced analytics to both editors when they added the Beta editor. And it's reasonable to assume that Google Analytics does respect the Do Not Track request, and therefore stops doing whatever thing interferes with the editor.
  12. Sorry to follow up so quickly, but I've just looked at the network traffic that happens when I edit a note. It seems (from only about 10 minutes of testing) that the bug coincides with a call to Google Analytics (or other Google domains). Network traffic happens with evernote.com while I type happily, but I see the bug occuring and Google traffic appearing at the same time. If I have time I will try blocking that domain to see if it helps.
  13. I have also found this a problem (and have reported it via the web editor feedback button). Here is my experience: It happens when I use the web client. (I've not experienced it on the Windows client.) It happens in Firefox and Chrome, both on Windows 10. It happens on different Windows 10 machines. I have only noticed it since the Beta Editor was introduced. But... It happens on both the Beta Editor and the Classic Editor. Here is what happens: I am typing in the middle of a text note (in Beta or Classic editor of the web client). At some random point the following things happen in quick succession: The last few keystrokes are suddenly undone. If I was typing this means the last few characters disappear from the note. If I just pasted a bit of text that might disappear. The cursor jumps to the start of the note. The screen does not move to the top of the note until I type the next characters. Note that those things happen in quick succession. So - if I am typing without pausing - it looks like the cursor has just jumped to the top of the screen in the middle of typing. But on closer inspection - when I scroll back down to where I was typing originally - I also find the few characters before what's at the top of the screen have disappeared. For example, if I type "Once upon a time" at the bottom of the document and 1, 2, and 3 happen just after I type "upon a" then I will see " time" at the top of the screen, scroll back to the bottom, and see just "Once up". A slightly different effect happens if I am typing and the bug occurs a moment after I pause to think. In this case, steps 1 and 2 have happened, but 3 has not yet happened because I've not typed anything more. In this case the effect is that I will see my typed text, I will see the last few keystrokes mysteriously undone before my eyes(!), and the blinking cursor after that text will have disappeared. Scrolling to the top of the note I will see the cursor blinking away there. Yes, this is very annoying, and yes, it does make it near-impossible to work in the web editor.
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