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  1. I've experienced the same problem (v10.4.3 on Windows): Evernote opens at an old search, but only when starting it after a reboot. The above solution did work for me, but with an important middle step. Specifically: Open Evernote Notice it's displaying the results of an old search Close the Evernote window Notice that Evernote is still running in the system tray Click Quit Evernote from the system tray icon Open Evernote again - this is the important middle step. It doesn't display the old search. Shut down PC Start PC Open Evernote
  2. I've also found this problem - and a slow fix. I'm using the new Windows desktop app from the Microsoft App Store, v10.4.3. To be clear on the problem I've found: In many of my old notes the spaces are actually "non-breaking spaces", unicode hex c2a0 and not the basic space, unicode hex 0020 (ASCII decimal 32). This means when I copy a line of code into a text file for execution it fails. I'm quite certain the original space was an ordinary one, not a non-breaking one. A slow fix, which allows me to fix each note manually as I find it - in brief, search and replace the offending char
  3. That is very weird. When I experienced the problem last (repeatedly) it was in the only tab in Chrome. It's also odd that @acidic68 resolved the problem by disabling a browser extension which I don't have (so it's kind-of disabled already). So it seems a solution for one person isn't a solution for another. As you say, I hope all these stories somehow help the dev team get to the bottom of this.
  4. Unfortunately the plugin to block Google Analytics has not resolved the problem for me. Although I have managed to successfully use Evernote Web Client lightly for a few days, today the problem has returned. The cursor still jumps to the top of the page, even though no calls get made to the Google Analytics domain. The only domain called now from the web client is www.evernote.com, and the problem is still present. This refers back to my previous comments describing the problem, then pointing out some coincidental activity with Google Analytics, and lastly trying a couple of solutions.
  5. @Scott T. many thanks for this. I have found the problem initially on Chrome with no plugins (it's a corporate machine, and locked down, so I can't install any plugins). But I've also found it on the following browsers that I have complete control of: Firefox (Windows 10) with these extensions: Cisco WebEx; Disconnect for Facebook; Duplicate Tab Shortcut; Evernote Web Clipper; Print/Print Preview; Timeline Support; Webmail Adblocker; Yahoo Mail Hide Ad Panel. The problem persists in this setup. Chrome (Windows 10) with these extensions: Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google);
  6. Update 9 Jan 2020: Sorry, it seems I am mistaken. After my solution worked for a few hours it's now stopped working again. I've blocked Google Analytics using a plugin from the Chrome Store, and that seems to be okay for now. It does not seem to be linked to autosaving, however. In configurations where the error does occur my notes do autosave without the error occurring. Original post below... I seem to have found a solution to this problem. There is a caveat that I've not had this solution in place for long, but while I've had it in place it does seem to have done the trick. The so
  7. Sorry to follow up so quickly, but I've just looked at the network traffic that happens when I edit a note. It seems (from only about 10 minutes of testing) that the bug coincides with a call to Google Analytics (or other Google domains). Network traffic happens with evernote.com while I type happily, but I see the bug occuring and Google traffic appearing at the same time. If I have time I will try blocking that domain to see if it helps.
  8. I have also found this a problem (and have reported it via the web editor feedback button). Here is my experience: It happens when I use the web client. (I've not experienced it on the Windows client.) It happens in Firefox and Chrome, both on Windows 10. It happens on different Windows 10 machines. I have only noticed it since the Beta Editor was introduced. But... It happens on both the Beta Editor and the Classic Editor. Here is what happens: I am typing in the middle of a text note (in Beta or Classic editor of the web client). At some random p
  9. Feature restoration request... There used to be a useful feature in desktop Evernote for Windows which seems to have disappeared in It would be good to have the feature restored. Previous behaviour: Attach a PDF to a note Note make sure the PDF itself is displayed (i.e. right click > View as attachment is unchecked) Notice there is (was) a little drag icon on the top right of the PDF. (From memory it looked like three little horizontal lines.) Drag the PDF by this icon onto a place of your choosing. This is especially useful if you need to att
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