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  1. I filed a ticket a year ago but response was very slow and they didn't understand the issue. Only suggestion was to upgrade the version which didn't solve the issue so I gave up and ended up starting using code block. Probably everyone needs to file a ticket referencing this thread .
  2. I've figured out that the simplest form of the fix is rolling back the evernote to legacy. This symptom is on the presentation layer of 10.x, so when you go back to legacy one, you can retrieve the code snippets without the problem.
  3. I recently found that evernote 10.x is using non-breaking space and it converts multiple leading spaces to non-breaking spaces(0xc2a0) so if I do copy & paste code snippets from evernote into terminal or text editor it almost always breaks the thing. Is there a way to disable this default behaviour so it can work like old version (ex. 7.14) ? btw, as a workaround I rolled back my evernote to a legacy one so it doesn't break my codes.
  4. One of easiest way would be to make use of "Tag", tag your hot articles and sort it using "Tag" field.
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