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  1. Your note prompted me to try again--and it seems to be working now, with -tag. I still think it's an awkward setup, but at least it's happening!
  2. Yeah. I understand problems come up, but they kept insisting it was just me. Also, when I reviewed a beta version, I told them that having a half-and-half search function (the "positive" tags in one place and the "negative" tags in another) was going to lead to problems. And it did.
  3. Yes--thanks for your post. I always thought it was very awkward to have to put tag filters in one area and -tag filters in another. Now I have to manually add them all into that little search bar.
  4. Thank you for your post--this enabled me to give it a fix, if an awkward one. The -tag command won't work in conjunction with the filters, but if I put ALL the tags in the upper left search bar, it works. It's the filter system that doesn't work!
  5. I'm having a virtually identical problem. I spent half an hour with tech support, sending them logs and screen shot and...nothing. They're passing it on to the developers. I think it's clear this was a major error in the new release. I hope they can fix it soon!
  6. Has the "-tag" function been changed? I cannot get it to work with other filters. I use Evernote to keep track of thousands of articles in about a dozen different topics, which I use to assemble custom newsletters for clients. One of my categories is tagged "Real Estate." When an article has been posted to my content management system, I tag it "CMS." When it is used in a newsletter, i tag it "PUB--RE." Every week, I want to have a look at all my articles that are in "Real Estate" and in the "CMS" but are NOT yet published, so I know what I still have available to publish. So I created a saved search with the "CMS" and "Real Estate" tags and the "-tag:PUB--RE" to screen out published articles. All of a sudden, the "-tag:PUB--RE" function will NOT work with the CMS and Real Estate filters. It gives me an empty screen. See the samples attached-: the "-tag:PUB-RE" works by itself but not with other filters. BEFORE commenting on my problem, please note the following: This problem occurred simultaneously across half a dozen saved filters that have worked for over a year, so I know it's not just one category or a poorly set up syntax (unless Evernote changed the syntax.) The problem also happens when I manually set up searches with a -tag function. I tested this again and again with multiple examples. The problem happens on my laptop and online. I am completely 100% sure the results are erroneous--I can easily see dozens of articles that should come up in these saved searches. I just have to find them manually now, which adds hours to my day. I use the latest version: 10.16.7. Any ideas? Or just business as usual for Evernote? I'm beginning to dread every Evernote update. They add two bugs for every one they fix. The -tag by itself.doc The -tag by with other filters.doc
  7. Thank you for such a full and quick response. I went to the online version and it's the same situation there: the "-tag" throws everything off. I used to love Evernote! It was a simple, intuitive program that did exactly what I wanted and was virtually problem-free. Now everything takes extra steps, they added features I have no need for, they removed features I used throughout the day, nothing is obvious, and there's a weekly problem. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and see about transferring to another program.
  8. For some reason, the search function is not working with updated versions of notes. I have found similar posts here; this may be related. See example 1. The four highlighted articles were updated a few minutes ago--see the updated column. Now see example 2. These are the same four articles (I made sure there weren't duplicates floating around), but once I apply a saved search, the update flashes back to March 23. Basically, certain searches (not all of them) automatically call up an older version. I only noticed it because the "-tag" function (to exclude certain tags) was not working with the four articles that have the tag. Basically, the system seems to have gone back in time to before I added the tag. I tried this online and had the same problem. The issue in both cases seems to be the "-tag" command. That's what throws it back in time. Anyone else seeing this? Any solutions?
  9. I had a saved search that I needed to modify, but couldn't seem to edit it. So I just deleted it from the shortcuts and set it up again--only I save it under the old name because it says that search already exists! If so, where is it? I thought I had deleted it but it somehow is still present somewhere. Do these searches exist in another place besides the shortcuts? I deleted it from there but the system still think it exists.
  10. Is there any way to search for EITHER of two tags? For example, I want to find any notes tagged with "Legal" OR "medical." Thank you!
  11. My hand slipped on the keyboard and I accidently created a tag I didn't mean to. I can't get rid of it. I tried right-clicking. I tried dragging it to the trash. Neither worked, which makes sense, because both of those would be logical solutions, and logic has nothing to do with this program. Any thoughts? Or am I stuck with an erroneous tag?
  12. I just got a solution from the Evernote help desk. They suggested a nd forced close (control alt delete). That seemed to do it!
  13. Suddenly, all my notes have a broad black border on right and bottom (see attached). Every old note has it. When I create a new note, it has it. The borders remain if I reduce or expand the note size. I never use templates. I've closed and reopened the program several times. I simplified and eliminated formatting. Nothing changes this. I've made no other recent Windows changes and no other programs are behaving oddly. Any thoughts on getting rid of this?
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