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  1. There it is!! Thank you very much. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you for responding so quickly. I don't use Evernote on my tablet (I find the screen too small for my purposes), but there is no corresponding choice on Windows desktop.
  3. I created a search and saved it, but forgot to check the "save in shortcut" box. I looked and looked but couldn't find where it had gone. So I figured I'd just do it again--but I can't, because when I try to save it, it says it already exists! Where will I find it? I've found advice saying there's a "saved search" section in the left-hand navigation, but I'm not seeing it. I'm using the latest desktop version.
  4. Your note prompted me to try again--and it seems to be working now, with -tag. I still think it's an awkward setup, but at least it's happening!
  5. Yeah. I understand problems come up, but they kept insisting it was just me. Also, when I reviewed a beta version, I told them that having a half-and-half search function (the "positive" tags in one place and the "negative" tags in another) was going to lead to problems. And it did.
  6. Yes--thanks for your post. I always thought it was very awkward to have to put tag filters in one area and -tag filters in another. Now I have to manually add them all into that little search bar.
  7. Thank you for your post--this enabled me to give it a fix, if an awkward one. The -tag command won't work in conjunction with the filters, but if I put ALL the tags in the upper left search bar, it works. It's the filter system that doesn't work!
  8. I'm having a virtually identical problem. I spent half an hour with tech support, sending them logs and screen shot and...nothing. They're passing it on to the developers. I think it's clear this was a major error in the new release. I hope they can fix it soon!
  9. Has the "-tag" function been changed? I cannot get it to work with other filters. I use Evernote to keep track of thousands of articles in about a dozen different topics, which I use to assemble custom newsletters for clients. One of my categories is tagged "Real Estate." When an article has been posted to my content management system, I tag it "CMS." When it is used in a newsletter, i tag it "PUB--RE." Every week, I want to have a look at all my articles that are in "Real Estate" and in the "CMS" but are NOT yet published, so I know what I still have available to publish. So I created a saved search with the "CMS" and "Real Estate" tags and the "-tag:PUB--RE" to screen out published articles. All of a sudden, the "-tag:PUB--RE" function will NOT work with the CMS and Real Estate filters. It gives me an empty screen. See the samples attached-: the "-tag:PUB-RE" works by itself but not with other filters. BEFORE commenting on my problem, please note the following: This problem occurred simultaneously across half a dozen saved filters that have worked for over a year, so I know it's not just one category or a poorly set up syntax (unless Evernote changed the syntax.) The problem also happens when I manually set up searches with a -tag function. I tested this again and again with multiple examples. The problem happens on my laptop and online. I am completely 100% sure the results are erroneous--I can easily see dozens of articles that should come up in these saved searches. I just have to find them manually now, which adds hours to my day. I use the latest version: 10.16.7. Any ideas? Or just business as usual for Evernote? I'm beginning to dread every Evernote update. They add two bugs for every one they fix. The -tag by itself.doc The -tag by with other filters.doc
  10. Thank you for such a full and quick response. I went to the online version and it's the same situation there: the "-tag" throws everything off. I used to love Evernote! It was a simple, intuitive program that did exactly what I wanted and was virtually problem-free. Now everything takes extra steps, they added features I have no need for, they removed features I used throughout the day, nothing is obvious, and there's a weekly problem. I guess it's time to bite the bullet and see about transferring to another program.
  11. For some reason, the search function is not working with updated versions of notes. I have found similar posts here; this may be related. See example 1. The four highlighted articles were updated a few minutes ago--see the updated column. Now see example 2. These are the same four articles (I made sure there weren't duplicates floating around), but once I apply a saved search, the update flashes back to March 23. Basically, certain searches (not all of them) automatically call up an older version. I only noticed it because the "-tag" function (to exclude certain tags) was not working with the four articles that have the tag. Basically, the system seems to have gone back in time to before I added the tag. I tried this online and had the same problem. The issue in both cases seems to be the "-tag" command. That's what throws it back in time. Anyone else seeing this? Any solutions?
  12. I had a saved search that I needed to modify, but couldn't seem to edit it. So I just deleted it from the shortcuts and set it up again--only I save it under the old name because it says that search already exists! If so, where is it? I thought I had deleted it but it somehow is still present somewhere. Do these searches exist in another place besides the shortcuts? I deleted it from there but the system still think it exists.
  13. Is there any way to search for EITHER of two tags? For example, I want to find any notes tagged with "Legal" OR "medical." Thank you!
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