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  1. I love that Evernote is integrated into Spotlight and Finder search, but it's really limiting that you can only search for notes. It would be incredibly useful if you could search for and launch tags, as well.
  2. Is there any way to create "internal links" for tags, similar to how there are internal links for notes? (See the attached.)
  3. Can you search for tags in Spotlight, similar to how you can search for notes?
  4. As an example, let's say I have a tag "2016 Conferences".In the iOS app, I can type either "2016" or "Conferences", and the tag will come up in the autosuggestions.In the Mac app, it seems I have to type the tag precisely correct letter by letter, from the start, in order for it to come up in the autosuggestions. So typing "Conferences" doesn't trigger the tag.Do other folks observe this, as well? Is there any remedy to it, to make it more like the iOS app? It makes searching a lot more frustrating.
  5. As an example, let's say I have a tag "2016 Conferences". In the iOS app, I can type either "2016" or "Conferences", and the tag will come up in the autosuggestions. In the Mac app, it seems I have to type the tag precisely correct letter by letter, from the start, in order for it to come up in the autosuggestions. So typing "Conferences" doesn't trigger the tag. Do other folks observe this, as well? Is there any remedy to it, to make it more like the iOS app? It makes searching a lot more frustrating.
  6. Yes, my approach is fairly similar, but it's still frustrating not to have easy access to parent and children tags when viewing a tag. Sometimes it's helpful to see the hierarchy right in front of you without having to resort to search or fumble through the sidebar menu.
  7. Let's say you did a search for a tag and are currently viewing the tag, and you want to see and perhaps jump to that tag's parent or children tags. If, like a lot of people, you have several hundred tags, it's a pain to have to then scroll and click through the sidebar to locate the tags in question. It would be much more convenient to have the parents and children displayed right there.
  8. In the Mac app, if I'm viewing a PDF note, it seems that I need to tab twice to get from the note list to the note body in order for the "Quick Look" keyboard shortcut (⌘+Y) to work. Is there no way to get this keyboard shortcut to work otherwise, i.e. without having to tab twice? Relatedly, once you do get into "Quick Look" view, is there a keyboard shortcut to go into lightbox fullscreen mode? Or is is that the only way to do this is to click the button in the top left?
  9. In the Mac app, it seems PDFs have "Automatically Resize" as the default view option. Is there any way to make "Actual Size" the default view option for all PDFs, instead? It's a bit tiring to have to adjust this one by one for each note.
  10. When I scan PDFs from my Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to the Evernote Mac app, it seems the resulting note automatically has a location added. I'd prefer that no location be added. Is there somewhere I can change this in the settings?
  11. In the Mac app, it seems like the only way to view a tag's "parent" and "children" tags is via the tags section of the sidebar. Am I missing something? For example, it would be super useful, when viewing a tag itself, to not only see that tag's notes, but to also see - and easily jump to - that tag's parents and children tags. Is this not possible?
  12. Thanks everyone for their guidance! I'm sure a couple more questions will arise once I commence this project, but this is super helpful in advance of getting started.
  13. Thanks, @DTLow! I think I see what you're saying. Basically, Evernote's OCR process has no impact on the original PDF file. Based on what you're saying, e.g. "you can not select text in an Evernote ocr'd PDF," it sounds like having ScanSnap perform the OCR is definitely the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions on note titles, but what I was getting at was the file title for the underlying PDF. @gazumped was mentioning his process for this, and I was wondering whether the file title has any impact on the resulting note.
  14. Thanks so much for these responses, @gazumped. Super helpful. A couple follow-up questions... 2) "The OCR does not (AFAIK) export with the original scan." I'm not clear on what you meant by this. Which OCR? Export? 9) "Personally I use yyyymmdd - document type - originator - keywords, with the date set to the source document date." What's the advantage of this titling scheme for purposes of Evernote? Does the file title carry over to Evernote in some manner? Interested in suggestions that other folks have, as well!
  15. I'm getting closer to beginning the substantial project of going paperless using my new ScanSnap scanner and Evernote. Most of the documents I'll be scanning are two-sided black-and-white documents that were highlighted by me. I have some questions on what the optimal ScanSnap settings might be. Looking at ScanSnap Manager... 1) The "Scan to Evernote (Document)" profile seems like it would be the logical starting point, right? What's the difference between this and the "Scan to Evernote (Note)" profile? It seems like the former creates a PDF and the latter creates a JPG? For purposes of Evernote, why would someone ever want to create a JPG instead of a PDF? Are there any advantages? 2) Under "Application > Application Settings..." there is a checkbox for "Convert to Searchable PDF". See...http://d.pr/i/bQumJ6. I assume selecting this option has it so that Evernote performs OCR instead of ScanSnap's software? Is such a setup preferable? (I see a separate "Convert to Searchable PDF" option under "File option > Select OCR". See...http://d.pr/i/ezk4HH. I assume selecting this option has it so that ScanSnap performs OCR instead of Evernote? Or am I just confused here?) 3) ScanSnap allows you to select an "Image saving folder" on your hard drive. See...http://d.pr/i/E7M5tq. If the document is being saved in Evernote, what reason is there to have an additional copy taking up space on your hard drive? Is there any way to turn this off? 4) Anyone have any tips for best practices for "File name format"? Here are the options that are presented...http://d.pr/i/bZ3n3T. 5) What "Image quality" level do folks recommend? Or do folks just go with automatic resolution? Here are the options that are presented...http://d.pr/i/DYiIxr. 6) Given that most of my documents are highlighted, I'm leaning towards setting the "Color mode" to "Color". Will this be okay? It's important to me that the highlighting I did in these documents, in yellow, is captured in these scans. 7) Is there any reason to select the "Reduce bleed-through", "Brightness", "Increase text contrast", or "Deskew by text on document" options? See...http://d.pr/i/NnPIsE. 8) What do folks recommend for "Compression rate"? Given the massive number of documents I'll be scanning, I want to be at least somewhat conscious of space, but I also don't want to have any issues with legibility. See...http://d.pr/i/6YYLqr. 9) Any other key settings that I didn't mention in the above that are worth paying mind to, including any related settings on the Evernote side of things? I'm all ears. Thanks in advance for your guidance and insights!
  16. Got it. So it sounds like using other special characters doesn't derail searches or anything like that, it just doesn't contribute anything to them?
  17. It's sort of ridiculous Evernote doesn't allow for the display of more characters. For example, I'm looking at the tags interface in the Mac client, and there's no reason more characters can't be displayed on the tags labels here. If Evernote is going to allow for up to 100 characters (which, in my opinion, is too small a limitation to begin with), then they should at least allow for the display of those characters when at all possible. I understand how having as much of a title displayed as possible is helpful from a visual standpoint, but if you're more reliant on search than visual scanning, does it really make a difference? For example, let's say I have two tags, "Fox Enterprises > Conferences > 2017 > November > IACP" and "Fox Enterprises > Conferences > 2017 > November > CCAN". Visually, these two tags might look the same since it's unlikely that the differentiating characters will be visible. However, from a search standpoint, differentiating between one and the other should be as simple as searching for "IACP" versus "CCAN", no?
  18. Okay. I tried this out in the Mac client, and I'm bumping into limits of approximately 250 characters for note titles, approximately 100 characters for notebook titles, and approximately 100 characters for tag titles. Is this consistent with other people's experience across Evernote?
  19. Interesting. Can you give an example of how this would work in the Windows client? I don't entirely follow. Also, does similar functionality exist in the Mac client?
  20. For example, let's say I have "Tag A". "Tag A" has the child tag "Tag B". "Tag B", in turn, has the child tag "Tag C". It seems logical to me that tagging any note with "Tag B" should automatically apply "Tag A", as well. Similarly, tagging any note with "Tag C" should automatically apply both "Tag A" and "Tag B", as well. However, unless I'm mistaken, this doesn't seem to be the way Evernote works. I'm finding that, say, tagging a note with "Tag C" only tags it with "Tag C". This leaves me wondering what the point of tag hierarchies within Evernote is, besides superficial organization?
  21. What is the character limit for note titles? What is the character limit for notebook titles? What is the character limit for tag titles?
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