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  1. Sometime (I think recently) Evernote started playing URLs in its own browser, it doesn't give any choice about it, and not even a way to copy the link and manually select Safari. Unfortunately its not a very good browser, for example trying to play a youtube video from a link, it won't go full-screen, and won't switch to the youtube app and I don't think its getting passwords etc which are in Safari. This is really bad .... a big use for me with Evernote is things like watch-lists, for example I copy notes to Evernote on the desktop and then when I have time watch on my iPad , none of that works any more :-(
  2. Yes - this is absolutely needed, its so frustrating to scan a stack of business cards and not be able to tell Scannable that an image is a biz card. This is particularly true as here in the US I'm seeing an increasing percentage of the small biz cards (like Moo Cards small format) and Scannable refuses to recognize them. (Nasty work-around is to place one on a similarly colored other biz card against a contrasting color background, sometimes this works).
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