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  1. you know what else no longer works? using the up and down buttons on my keyboard to scroll through my notes. i have to click with my mouse.
  2. is this gonna be like when you took away the indented code block option a few years ago and then were like NOPE SORRY NEVER COMING BACK here's an idea... don't REMOVE features
  3. > The intended behavior is that code block exists on its own with only text inside of it. Why do you not care what your users want? It's 2017, people need to take notes on code.
  4. Still waiting for an update on putting code blocks back into bulleted lists.
  5. But why? Why would you add that feature and then take it out? This makes my notes such a mess. Really looking forward to copy-pasting indented code blocks for the next several years until a better app / update comes along..
  6. Holy cow I just discovered that if I try to codeblock NON-bulleted text, it works fine. It's within my bullet organization that I can't make new codeblocks. Can copy-paste old ones but they format terribly. Hope they can fix this to be compatible with bullet outlines again. I assume I'm not the only user who needs to indent code.
  7. > I don't think it's something that a lot of users would require You don't think a lot of users would want to resize a PDF? I'm trying to resize PDFs in evernote and there's literally no way to do so. I'm gonna have to use a different program to look at all my data, sadly.
  8. I'm also having an issue w/ code blocks. They used to work great, but now they don't work at all. I can't copy-paste existing ones, and I can't make new ones. This sucks as my Evernote is my lab notebook for computational research and I usually make about 20 code blocks a day. I can still make a code block on text that was written before the issue started, but not on text added recently. Simplify formatting seems to have a similar error. Multicolored text won't simplify. Evernote also won't let me submit a ticket to ask about the issue (there's simply no submit button when I go through the process...)
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