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  1. Today I have cancelled my 7 years lasting premium account. Unfortunately Evernote forced me to look for another tool, due to the disaster of the last 2 years which ends in an unstable, slow and unconfident tool and loss of data. But the good thing is, .. I have found a new tool which is offers me a lot of more options, which is really fast and smart, .. and provides a complete document management on top: DEVONthink It caused me many hours to bring all my evernote notes into DevonThink, .. but now I am happy that the evernote disaster has an end for me. I wish you all good luck and hope the best for you!
  2. I hate the new evernote also, .. and it destroyed my hope, that the evernote team is able to release a stable and fast version of evernote, .. with new, meaningful features, .. we are waiting since years (highlighting, drag-and-drop prioritization of notes, kanban support, etc.) Can anyone suggest an alternative tool??? Thanks!
  3. The new evernote version is an absolute disaster. After years with no additional, meaningful features (highlighting, etc.), and - in my opinion - ignoring their users (im a premium user since 2012), .. Evernote is forcing customers like my to look after an alternative tool 😞 The new version: - has no important, meaningful new feature for me (priorizing notes with drag and drop, highlighting, any kind of kanban like organization possibility, etc.) - instead of that, .. the new version is: - completely buggy (in all versions: IOS, MacOS, etc.) - extremely slow (in all versions: IOS, MacOS, etc.) - confusing - and do not fulfill modern requirements (fast, stable, configurable, easy to use, feature rich, graphical GUIs, etc.) Can anybody suggest me an alternative. Now, the evernote team has have got made it, that I am completely frustrated and willing to change the tool 😞
  4. Hi, .. what should be the meaning of a feature request forum as well as the possibility to vote for feature requests, .. if not even the most rated feature for yeas, .. will not be considered to be developed and integrated by the evernote development team? It looks like that the feature request functionality is completely time wasting for engaged users like me and others I am a really satisfied user and fan of evernote, .. but since years you have not made any innovative or revolutionary or important change or enhancement of evernote. But this is absolut necessary to support your users in a constantly changing digital world. To be honest, .. I would also pay much more for my premium membership, .. if Evernote would come with features like KANBAN visualization, highlighting, prioritization of notes (with drag&drop), etc. .. but if Evernote is still avoiding enhancing their product with new features and requested features from their users (like they do it in this forum), .. then i will be forced to look after a new tool, .. that is more agile and more willing to support me and my needs
  5. Integrate a possibility to show the notes of specific notebooks in a KANBAN board/view. Like the tool "kanbanote", .. but fully integrated in Evernote and with more options like (color highlighting, prioritization, etc.). This will be one of the most important future features because more and more users of evernote with a huge amount of notes and a big structured notebook system will have the need to visualize and track the progression of their tasks and notes in one overview. I am an evernote user (very satisfied) till many years, .. but if evernote will not go with the time and offer agile ways as kanban, etc. to work with, .. i am forced to look after a new tool to support my daily work needs. But in the deep of my heart I want to stay at evernote and I am the greatest fan of evernote! :-) Markus
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