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  1. Right on. I've commented on massive EN (= NEVER note) issues on this forum for years, and "management" don't seem to bother with the HUMANS that PAY for and USE EN as much as they indicate when emailing "support" about the issues. Unbelievable level of "support"....
  2. NEVERnote just pumps out some HALF-baked BS and expects us Premium PAYERS to swallow it whole, and smile? Clueless, spineless...and soulless. I'm terminated my automatic payment/credit card payment for Premium. Ready to jump ship to something more professional.
  3. NO... Evernote is TOOOOO LAZY and just happy to TAKE OUR MONEY (I'm a paying user).... That's why they created this 'forum' - to get sincere and innovative customers off their back, so they can steadily rake in the money. PERIOD.
  4. Nah, who would want to choose their OWN thumbnails, when they actually PAY for the note storage???? Let's leave it up to some heartless droney corporation that also takes our cash?
  5. Seems stupid to leave selecting which picture appears as thumbnail in OUR notes, up to some dopey algorithm. What about leaving it up to the person CREATING, USING, and PAYING FOR the notes??? Hmmm, now that would be fair and rational.
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