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  1. Also what's missing is remove headers. I would like to print a note, which contains a scanned document, but I do not want to include note headers in the final .pdf document. This was supported on the old client via Evernote settings (a bit clunky because it was client global setting). Would be nice to have that option before document is printed as pdf.
  2. This topic is more than 2 years old and there is no response from Evernote! This is ridiculous, for something that should be simple. Seems like moderator is not paying any attention to this.@EverNote @Ian Small can you help or is there better intake process for feature requests?
  3. Would be nice to have a way of deleting a note that was shared with you, in other words - remove myself from the shared noted. Currently it's not possible. This was requested by multiple users here:
  4. @EverNote Is this on the roadmap? It's very annoying that I cannot remove unwanted notes that were shared with me.
  5. Same issue here. Cannot delete\remove myself from a single shared note. Tried (308273) on Win 10, Android (v 8.7.0) and the Web UI. Also, when searching for the note, Win desktop client returns shared note and local note, Web UI and Android app returns only a note that was locally created (not shared). Haven't tried my Mac.
  6. This is so annoying! I was on the Premium account and downgraded to Plus for a reason. Now, I am noticing the Upgrade button on the Windows platform. I should NOT be reminded to Upgrade when I am already a paying user. This is something that Basic account should be dealing with, not paying. I also submitted support request.
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