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  1. Hi, while I find Evernote incredibly useful overall, I am encountering some issues using it on my surface book in tablet mode, which negatively impact the user experience. It would be much appreciated if this could be fixed in future releases: - it is not possible to scroll the notebook or tag menu to the left with an upwards or downwards finger motion. The motion will select a notebook or tag instead. To scroll via touch one must hit the comparably tiny scroll bar and move it. I have normally sized fingers but this way of navigating really is extremely tedious and slow - It is not possible to open the menu that usually opens by right-clicking a note. In tablet mode, this menu should probably open if a user taps and holds a note. - the scroll bar to the right of the notes list doesn't respond at all (though its possible here to scroll up and down with a finger motion). Best regards
  2. Just wanted to pipe in and let you know that on my Android phone the Camera permission doesn't seem to make a difference. Even if Evernote doesn't have that permission, it notifies me shortly after a picture with text was collected. Probably the app doesn't actually access the camera and just retrieves the pic from the phone's storage. Just setting notifications to off will not stop the actual background process as far as my understanding goes, so that's not a solution either. It looks like the only real option is to revert back to an older version. Anybody with a more elegant solution please do share.
  3. Excellent! That workaround suits my needs perfectly. Thanks @gustavgi and @CalS for your suggestions.
  4. Good hint, that did seem like a possible solution at first. However, I tried both with the option enabled and disabled. It doesn't make a difference unfortunately
  5. I use tags to organize my notes instead of notebooks because they offer more levels. The tags are ordered by adding A., A.1, A.1.1, A.1.2 etc as prefixes. On Android I can create a note, type any part of the tag into the tag box and the respective tag can then be selected. In the Windows client, this doesn't work as the search goes letter by letter. So I need to check my tag structure first to find the right prefix and then type it in manually. Takes a lot longer than on Android. Could you please bring this function to the windows client?
  6. I uninstalled Evernote and installed a previous version from November 1, 2017. Now everything works fine again, so this was indeed caused by one of the recent updates.
  7. Hi, for some reason I can no longer edit encrypted text on Android. I can view it after entering the password but if I then tap the text, the keyboard doesn't pop up. I can only copy paste or select. This used to work fine, which makes me think it has something to do with the most recent update. It's the same on my two android devices, so this doesn't seem to be an issue with a particular device. Has anybody else experienced this? Any ideas for a fix?
  8. If you install MyScript Stylus (available for android and ios), then you can use handwriting input for any text field, including the Evernote editor. The handwriting is automatically converted to text and the recognition is very accurate.
  9. I had a similar issue. For me, this fix has worked: Click on "Copy internal link". Then paste the link into a note in Evernote. You now have a hyperlink with the name of the note, of which the link was copied. Since you pasted it within the Evernote application an evernote:/// link is created (if you paste anywhere else the link starts with www.evernote.com. Right-click the link you pasted into an Evernote note, click on copy to add the evernote:/// link to clipboard. No matter where you paste this link, on windows it will open in the Evernote desktop application.
  10. Genius. This does exactly what I was looking for. Thanks gustavgi!
  11. Hi, I'm using tags to organize my stuff since they allow more nested sublevels. One small disadvantage is that, when I'm looking at notes categorised under a tag and then add a new one, the tag is not added automatically to this note. Unlike if I was in a notebook and added a new note there. Minor gripe, but I think it would just make sense.
  12. Hi, I came up with a simple solution for creating encrypted notes on Android (since the mobile app does not offer this functionality yet). Simply create a note with just a couple characters encrypted in the Evernote desktop version. Copy it a 100 times or so and put all those notes in a dedicated template notebook. Then create a shortcut to that Notebook. When you now want to create an encrypted note in Android, simply find the shortcut to the notebook and open one of the template notes. Then decrypt by entering the password. Now you can edit this note in Android and save it to whatever notebook you want to. Sure, every so often the template folder needs to be stocked up with new templates but it's a temporary solution that works for me. Hope this helps somebody. Cheers
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