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  1. You can't find it because it is not there! I've noticed a several hour delay between when I clip something using EN's web clipper and when it shows up in EN. This doesn't happen every time but sometimes. Michael
  2. Windows 10, Chrome, Evernote for Windows (desktop). Someone in EN's technical support got this working. I don't remember exactly what they did now. EN's Gmail add-on will allow you to save PDF attachments, but not other types of files, such as Word.
  3. It was some time ago - several years ago, in fact -- when Evernote's web clipper allowed you to shade and mark up a document before clipping. I don't remember now whether it was a native capability or worked with some other add-on. It was really great. I'll probably post as a feature request. Michael
  4. When I save an article to Evernote by clicking on my phone's share icon at the bottom of an article I'm reading in my Google news feed, Evernote always saves the article to the wrong notebook. In Evernote for Windows, in the options for Evernote's Web Clipper for Chrome, and in the settings in the Evernote app on my phone, I have set the default notebook to X. However, whenever I save an article by clicking on the share button Evernote always saves it to another notebook. It always saves the article consistently to the wrong notebook. My phone is a Pixel 3, Android version 10. Any help would be appreciated. Michael
  5. I use EN's web clipper a lot. Is there a way to mark up a page, say, shade certain portions before clipping such that the mark up or shading is captured in Evernote? Some time ago, perhaps several years ago, EN's web clipper had this functionality, but it doesn't seem to be there now. I realize that I can just click a portion of a page, but I want to capture the entire page along with notes that I have made. Thanks. Michael
  6. I've read that you can save attachments to emails when using the Evernote for Gmail, but I haven't found a way of doing it. I don't see an option to select attachments, and when I save an email to EN using the add-on the attachments are always missing. Michael
  7. I have two EN accounts with different user names. One is actually an EN for Business account, and the other is my personal EN premium account. I would like to access both of them on my desktop using EN for Windows. However, when I log in EN overwrites the existing database file, making it seems as if I can have only one EN account on my desktop. I realize that I can open one on the Web and the other using EN for Windows, but I prefer working just with EN for Windows. Any ideas? Thanks. Michael
  8. When I select a notebook, I would like to have the option of seeing only the tags used in that notebook rather than the entire list of tags. cshihilling in his reply to my original one gave a solution that seems to work. M. Redmond
  9. Thank you very much. Your explanation was very helpful and solves my problem, though I wish it could be done in fewer keystrokes, that is, without having to burrow into the Tools menu. Michael
  10. Is there a way to filter tags by notebook? For me that would be very helpful. Michael
  11. Frequently, after doing a search or some other activity in EN for Windows I find that I am somewhere in the middle of a long list of notes. I want to move to the top of the notes to my most recents, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that quickly. If I click on the column headings to sort by when created or updated, I'm stick stuck somewhere in my notes list, and I have thousands. To get back to the top I find myself having to tediously scroll or drag the note bar to get to the top which takes time. In the past I never seem to have this problem (or just didn't notice it), but lately it happens to me frequently. I'm using EN for Windows ( on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks for any help. Michael
  12. For me, this problem has been a longstanding problem with EN. I have a Win 7 computer with 6 gigs of RAM that whizzes through most tasks, but many times throughout the day when I try to search my EN notes, EN displays the message, Not Responding. I found that if I wait long enough, sometimes a minute or so, EN will eventually respond. This happens so often though that I use EN less and less.
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