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  1. I have two EN accounts with different user names. One is actually an EN for Business account, and the other is my personal EN premium account. I would like to access both of them on my desktop using EN for Windows. However, when I log in EN overwrites the existing database file, making it seems as if I can have only one EN account on my desktop. I realize that I can open one on the Web and the other using EN for Windows, but I prefer working just with EN for Windows. Any ideas? Thanks. Michael
  2. When I select a notebook, I would like to have the option of seeing only the tags used in that notebook rather than the entire list of tags. cshihilling in his reply to my original one gave a solution that seems to work. M. Redmond
  3. Thank you very much. Your explanation was very helpful and solves my problem, though I wish it could be done in fewer keystrokes, that is, without having to burrow into the Tools menu. Michael
  4. Is there a way to filter tags by notebook? For me that would be very helpful. Michael
  5. Thanks, Jeff and Cal. Both of your suggestions worked. Michael
  6. Frequently, after doing a search or some other activity in EN for Windows I find that I am somewhere in the middle of a long list of notes. I want to move to the top of the notes to my most recents, but I can't seem to figure out how to do that quickly. If I click on the column headings to sort by when created or updated, I'm stick stuck somewhere in my notes list, and I have thousands. To get back to the top I find myself having to tediously scroll or drag the note bar to get to the top which takes time. In the past I never seem to have this problem (or just didn't notice it), but lately it happens to me frequently. I'm using EN for Windows ( on a Windows 10 machine. Thanks for any help. Michael
  7. I feel your pain. I had the same problem, and it took me a few minutes of experimenting to actually drag the reminder alarm clock to the toolbar. The trick is that you can't just drag it to any old place on the toolbar. You have to drag it immediately to the left of the small icon with the "i". At least on my machine running Windows 10 even the slightest distance away from the icon wouldn't work.
  8. When I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, I lost my Evernote data. As a result, I had to reinstall. The problem is I had several local notebooks, which were lost. Fortunately (I think) I made a complete backup of my EN folder before the upgrade to Windows 10. (I also have the ENEX export files of the local notebooks that are a few weeks old, which I would rather not rely upon since they are dated.). I can't though figure out exactly how to restore from my local EN backup. Here's what I think, but please let me know if I'm missing something or need to do something else. 1. I will disable my Internet access. 2. Open EN on my desktop, Tools, Options, General tab, and change the path of Evernote local files to the location of my local EN backup, and then click on OK. At that point, I'm hoping EN will open with the data from the backup. if so, 3. Then re-enable my Internet access to allow sync. Does anyone know if I have this right? I'm hesitate to experiment because I'm afraid of losing more data. Thanks for any help I can get! Michael p.s. - BTW, I filed a help desk ticket -- I'm a premium subscriber -- a couple of days of ago, but other than an automated response asking for the activity log which I then supplied, I didn't hear from EN technical support.
  9. For me, this problem has been a longstanding problem with EN. I have a Win 7 computer with 6 gigs of RAM that whizzes through most tasks, but many times throughout the day when I try to search my EN notes, EN displays the message, Not Responding. I found that if I wait long enough, sometimes a minute or so, EN will eventually respond. This happens so often though that I use EN less and less.
  10. That was then, this is now. Software changes, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. If the lack of this feature is so onerous to your workflow, you can stop paying for the service, or downgrade to a version 4 version. At a guess, I think that Evernote may have somehow concluded that the Hide Assigned Tags functionality was confusing to users, and probably not easily discoverable. I.e., it had a relatively high support cost. They have added a new bit of functionality that allows you to drill down by only showing you appropriate tags as you add them, but that's not easily discoverable either (see shortcut key Alt+Shift+T), and there are some extra problems related to implementation (which I've posted elsewhere for them). Not sure what the answer is, but in general, I'd given up using the tag tree anyways, so it's not as big a deal to me as it is for some. Maybe it ill come back. Sure, I could cancel my service, but I've invested too much time in setting up separate notebooks and careful tagging to do that. What I would like is for a very useful feature to be restored. But your tip about Alt+Shift+T is appreciated and useful. Michael
  11. I'm stunned as well that the Hide Unassigned Tags feature has been removed. I have lots of notebooks and lots of tags. It was so very, very handy to click on a notebook, then hide unassigned tags, to find what I needed. I just don't understand such a decision.
  12. Hi Ian. I didn't find a solution. Although I still used EN, I don't use it as extensively as I used to because of these sorts of usability problems. Michael
  13. i have lots of notebooks and lots of tags. When using EN for Windows I can hide unassigned tags when viewing a notebook. This greatly facilitates searching.However, when I try to search using the Android or Pad clients I find all of my tags listed even though the vast majority of them are not used in the notebook I'm searching. Having to scroll through hundreds of tags to select the tag I want to search for is too unwieldy for practical use. So, my question is whether it is possible to hide unassigned tags when accessing EN through the mobile clients, and if so, how? I find the same problem with notebooks I share. All of my tags appear in the the shared notebook although only a few of them are actually used. Generally, because of this problem, I find searching EN from a mobile client really frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.. Michael
  14. I do have the feature enabled. I did get the feature to work but not in a helpful way. If I first loaded the Google search page by going to www.google.com and then typed in my search query into the dialogue box, some of my related EN notes were included. However, if I typed the search term into Chrome's omnibox (into the URL field), my EN notes were not included in the results. Also, only a few of the relevant EN notes were included. For instance, I had a dozen or so notes tag with "euthanasia," but only three were return via Google search. I don't remember this function working so poorly in the past. As it is now, it doesn't seem useful.
  15. It used to be the case that when I did a Google search my EN notes were included and displayed at the top of the search page. This no longer happens although I have selected "show related notes when you search the web" when signing in to the EN web clipper. I use Chrome, but I've checked Firefox and IE, and this search feature isn't working there either. I filed a technical support ticket with EV a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get any response. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks. Michael
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