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  1. Searching for a Keyword?? When I search for a keyword it brings me to the first occurrence of that keyword. How do I jump to the next occurrence easily?? Example: Search for the word "automobile?" I know there are 35 occurrences of the word "automobile" in all of my notes. It brings me to the first one but I can't figure out how to easily jump to the next occurrence of the word "automobile." If you manually scroll through the notes you can see that the word "automobile" is highlighted but you have to manually scroll through all 1000 pages to find the next highlighted word "automobile." HELP??
  2. JMichael, You stated EN Mac. I assume you mean Evernote Mac. I am on a Macbook Pro, El Cap, Evernote 6.1.1. I can't figure out how to display the Word Doc inline in the note and not just the link. What did you mean by "optionally." Thanks
  3. I am trying to drag and drop a Microsoft Word document from a file on my desktop into a note in Evernote. It only saves in Evernote as a link and not as an open document that I can read in Evernote. I have to click on the link which then opens Word in order to view the document. PDF's when I drag them into Evernote, display as an open page that I can read in Evernote, however not a Word document. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks
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