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  1. Hi, My solution to this problem is to not add notes at the end of the last note, but to scroll to the top and add my new note there. Reading from the first date forward is more difficult, but I don't do that very often. Regards,
  2. I recommend simplifying the camera interface for adding photos. Since the latest upgrade you now have to click the plus sign, click the down arrow, click the camera, and click the Take Photo button. Sometimes the camera shows up too early and you still have to go through all of these steps. This process previously was two steps which was easy to use. Four steps is an irritant.
  3. Not sure what you have done with searching on the iPad, but it doesn't work well any more. I can't search for words in the title or especially in a tag. I liked the previous user interface much better. Is there a way to go back? As it is I have to go to my computer to find anything I need. Makes the program much less usable.
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