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  1. I have the same problem. They appear randomly it seems. Going back to the old version now.
  2. Same problem here. My Evernote on Android is useless since it doesn't save notes. A fix would be very welcome
  3. Hmmm... it seems like it's the Evernote clipper who does it. But it only shows it when using Google, not when I use Startpage (that is my standard search engine). I have removed it now. Not very happy to see my notes showing up on a google website. I do not trust Google at all.
  4. I seldom use Google, because of privacy concerns, but sometimes I have to when I cannot find a specific thing. I went over to google.com and searched and to my surprise Google also searched in my Evernote notes (se picture). NOT OK. What happened here? How can this be? How can I turn it off???? I do not want Google anywhere near my Evernote notes. Ever. If Evernote shares my notes with Google it's goodbye Evernote. I use Firefox as webbrowser.
  5. I agree! Why can't I remove the upgrade button? I remove it, but it comes back all the time. I AM a paying subscriber, stop bugging me about upgrading. I do not need premium, I am a Evernote plus subscriber. For non paying customers, do whatever you want, for those I could understand, but for us paying customers??
  6. I totally agree with this thread. I am a paying customer but this extremely annoying upgrade button keeps poping up constantly. So, Evernote, stop bugging me about upgrading to Premium, I will not upgrade to Premium. Ever.
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