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  1. Hmmm... it seems like it's the Evernote clipper who does it. But it only shows it when using Google, not when I use Startpage (that is my standard search engine). I have removed it now. Not very happy to see my notes showing up on a google website. I do not trust Google at all.
  2. I seldom use Google, because of privacy concerns, but sometimes I have to when I cannot find a specific thing. I went over to google.com and searched and to my surprise Google also searched in my Evernote notes (se picture). NOT OK. What happened here? How can this be? How can I turn it off???? I do not want Google anywhere near my Evernote notes. Ever. If Evernote shares my notes with Google it's goodbye Evernote. I use Firefox as webbrowser.
  3. I agree! Why can't I remove the upgrade button? I remove it, but it comes back all the time. I AM a paying subscriber, stop bugging me about upgrading. I do not need premium, I am a Evernote plus subscriber. For non paying customers, do whatever you want, for those I could understand, but for us paying customers??
  4. I totally agree with this thread. I am a paying customer but this extremely annoying upgrade button keeps poping up constantly. So, Evernote, stop bugging me about upgrading to Premium, I will not upgrade to Premium. Ever.
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