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  1. Yep. Me, too. This has become the catalyst for me to look at other options.
  2. Has anyone had experience using 2 different accounts to separate personal from business? My greatest frustration with Evernote is the extremely limited levels of nesting (Stacks, Notebooks, Notes). For me this is especially painful because at the highest level I need to separate Personal notes from Work-related notes. (BTW, I am not a fan of tags unless I am also provided with Smart Notebooks.) I am considering trying to address this shortcoming of Evernote by creating a second "personal" account. But I want to be sure that it is easy to switch between the two on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. Has anyone found a workaround for this?
  3. Sorry, Jackolicious, I should have said what OS I am on. Mac. Lion until yesterday and now Mountain Lion. The problem began occurring a couple of weeks ago while I was on Lion and has continued on Mountain Lion. BTW, the second Evernote Helper is not present now. I am not sure what triggers it. Currently I only have one in the Menu Bar.
  4. I'm laughing at myself for not knowing the name of the icon/tool bar at the top of an OSX screen but I don't. The issue, though, is that I occasionally get 2 of the little elephant heads (Evernote icons.) Why two? How do I stop them from showing up? Do I have redundant code somewhere that is launching this twice? A couple of weeks ago I attempted to revert to the website download/install rather than the App Store. That resulted in duplicate notes, etc. and messages asking me to import every time I started EN. Some of that has gone away but I still get two icons.
  5. Other software has solved with problem. They refer to them as "Smart"something-or-other. They are essentially "virtual collections" of items based on some filter criteria. But unlike Evernote's Saved Searches they in fact behave more like Notebooks meaning they could be included in a stack or something. The actual notes don't need to exist in one Smart Notebook or another, they can exist in multiple and when their tags are changed they appear or disappear from notebooks. The software products that use this make them am option. So you can use them together with traditional "collections" of stuff. Examples? Lightroom for photography - people may argue about with it is the best product for managing thousands of photos but the combination of folders, collections, smart collections, etc. offers flexibility to suit people's needs. Apple's Aperature has folders, projects and albums but it also has "Smart Albums". I just started using SmugMug to host photos and the Smart Collections is great. Even OSx has Smart Folders! And, no, I don't mean Saved Searches. I am talking about something integrated with the Stack/Notebook structure - which, BTW, needs to provide more levels of nesting for those of us who manage hundreds of pieces of information. Finally, these "Smart Notebooks" should allow filtering not only on tags but also on other note "metadata" such as creation-date, modified-date, maybe note type (if there is such a thing), etc. Until Evernote improves their managing of notes for me it will be limited to simple stuff and I will need to turn to DevonThink or Yojimbo or something else to store information. Too bad because what I am asking for is not hard and I would love to have everything together on all my devices. But it is what it is.
  6. +1 What I find interesting is that they have it in the iOS version for the iPad but not in the Mac OSx version. So clearly they understand the value. This is one of the major reasons I don't use Evernote for note taking. (BTW, I do use the iPad version for minor note taking but not the Mac version.)
  7. I am hoping for the addition of "smart notebooks" akin to "smart collections" in Lightroom or "Smart Foliders" in Mac OSx Finder or "Smart Albums" in Apple's Aperture. Don't get me wrong. I use notebooks. But because they are limited in nesting depth I am not able to use Evernote for so many things. For example, if I have a Work stack of notebooks and a Customers notebook and can't nest individual customer notebooks within the Customers notebook. What I can do is tag items by customer (and other tags if appropriate). Yes, I can search for those tags and I can save searches. But I want to create dozens of saved searches corresponding to customers and I want them all grouped together into some common structure. I may also want to add Smart Notebooks for "Active" or "Dormant". I would like to be able to use more than just tags but also date-related info (like creation date or modified date) and possibly other note-specific info. Bottom line is that I would like to be able to use Notebooks and Tags together. Maybe this is really a Saved Searches comment but for me Tags and saved searches tend to go together.
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