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  1. Unlike a lot of people I love the recent notes part of the sidebar. I want to make it bigger. Like the way certain mac programs let you select the number of recent files in the file-->open recent dropdown. I'd like about 12 most recent notes listed, instead of 5 which is the number currently shown (MacOS version). A drop-down or scrollable list would be good. And the ability to selectively remove items from the list. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, Evernote really needs regular expressions or at least partial matches. I would buy Evernote premium if it had that option. Otherwise I may have to find another notes platform
  3. I would like to drag images, including groups of images, from the finder and the mac photos.app into a note in evernote.
  4. fn + rightArrow should scroll to the end of a note in the note's window pane, and fn + leftarrow should scroll to the top. Just like every other mac app, and just like the other windows / panes in evernote. But it does not.
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