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  1. Mine asks me if I want to "enable" auto update. As if it already has auto update off. Which doesn't make sense because it auto updated and all my other apps auto update as well.
  2. The problem is, I want to use the Legacy version on my Android as well. I'm currently using the Legacy windows desktop version which is great because it's faster, simpler, and more reliable than current versions. The issue is I want the same to be true on my mobile device. I can do this simply by side loading through apk mirror an older version of Evernote but the Playstore wants to update it and I don't want to have to manually update my apps all the time. Is there a work around for this? I'm slowly realizing that Joplin may just be my ultimate path despite the lack of features. I used to be committed to Evernote until they tried to make their apps look more and more like modern junk with features that don't add value to anything. My questions: How long will desktop Legacy be available for the future and is there a work around to make sure that my Evernote android app does not update? But, isn't it the case that if I am having to depend on "older" versions of this service just to rely on it for my workflow, that that means I should have jumped ship months ago, perhaps years ago? I'm already using OneNote for my work only notes since my company pays for a 365 subscription for all their employees. I would be interested in using either Evernote of Joplin for personal use only. The new version 10 android app in Evernote is so slow that it is not useable for me. Loading times take 6+ seconds just to scan a document into my .Inbox for example. Whereas the legacy versions all take but -1 second. Pls Help. Sincerely, Premium user since 2011.
  3. Use apkmirrior.com for Android legacy versions dating back all the way to 2014. I'm currently using the update on Android from June of 2020 just before they switched to the horrible version 10 that made my Evernote slow and buggy. I believe it's safe to say that this is the beginning of the end of Evernote. A sign where power users are resorting to legacy versions....
  4. You'd be a fool to use Apple Notes as they want you to be stuck in their ecosystem. There would be no good way of exporting notes across platforms easily. Joplin looks attractive however. I like the simplicity and the fact that it is plain text format. Which will last forever literally. Thoughts on Joplin vs. Evernote?
  5. I find that interesting, Legacy version. Which version are you using? Windows or Mac? and what do you like better about the Legacy version?
  6. Just thought this would be good for us to discuss since most of us here use Evernote as our external brain. I am confident that Microsoft for example, will be around for many years to come, possibly over 100 years from now still running strong based on their current hold of the market. Do you think Evernote will be here for the long run? If so, why and how? If not, why?
  7. All I know is the new update made processing a lot slower on the new Android app. It is frustrating.
  8. I am using the latest Android technology. The new Evernote app for android is very slow on every level. What is going on?
  9. I noticed today that my Plus subscription is no longer being offered but has been replaced and doubled in price f=by the Premium plan. This was never announced to my knowledge, has anyone else noticed this? If it was announced it was not made clear in any email I received at least. Before I complain I just wanted to hear your thoughts.
  10. Why doesn't evernote for android have auto dark mode yet? This has been on ios for some time. Implementation is easy, here are the instructions from google fro example: https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/ui/look-and-feel/darktheme Why doesn't Evernote prioritize android? By the way, Todoist has had auto dark mode since 2019. I pay for evernote every month too. I am frustrated.
  11. Why can't I view reminders on the web version of the new Evernote? It has been this way for a year now. Should I switch to Wunderlist or will Evernote be fixing this by next week?
  12. Why isnt there a way to view reminder on the web version of Evernote? This is the "new" version that has been out for some time now.
  13. How do i view reminders within a notebook in the new web version of Evernote? And how do I add reminders in the new web version?
  14. Evernote for Windows allows for the assigning of different colors to Notebooks but not for Mac... why???
  15. Ever since the new iOS update, individual notes cannot be sorted according to due dates (reminders). I used to be able to click on an individual notebook, and view my notes sorted by reminders. Now, there is just a single notebook named Reminders that you can view them by. Am I doing something wrong?
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