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  1. If evernote annotation does not work as well as intended is it better to save the attachments first than use 3rd party solution that work well with apple pencil?
  2. Greetings, not sure if this is the right place to ask but here's my question. On ios, it seems that we will have to save pdf before we can annotate the pdf. Should I store pdf on cloud storage first then after annotate finish than save to evernote or is there a quick way to save it back to evernote.
  3. The button Copy internal Link doesn't work for me but using the shortcut works for me.
  4. Not sure if others faced this. when i clicked a link in the pdf instead of loading in a browser. it loads inside evernote. changing notes doesn't remove the link. I have to close the app fully and reopen it to change it
  5. Thank You for fixing the pdf extra space but is it just me or does other feels that the pdf viewer is like smaller than the size of an a4 paper
  6. The in-app store there should be the link to developer website, or you could add review waiting for the developer to see, there is the button to support in the iTunes website.
  7. Great release. I like how the pdf is now scrollable but it seems to have extra space in the pdf viewer ( i tried to change it to attachment and change it back but still there) Thank you now code block won't be missing anymore
  8. Well, I guess you would have to find support using the chat if you are premium or through twitter. Sorry that I am unable to help.
  9. Well, it is working for me. What error was it. Maybe it was caused by your firewall or internet connections?
  10. Not sure if it is just me but when I try to add notes to business card it just goes back to the front automatically but does not happen all the time
  11. Well, it is true that it is for security reasons. What if your devices are affected by malware etc. I would not want any notes that may or may not be important ( well I am the type who Worry about security, have 3 Antivirus installed) Below is from https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/data/data-storage.html#filesExternal Internal Storage Store private data on the device memory. External Storage Store public data on the shared external storage. Using the Internal Storage You can save files directly on the device's internal storage. By default, files saved to the internal storage are private to your application and other applications cannot access them (nor can the user). When the user uninstalls your application, these files are removed. Using the External Storage Every Android-compatible device supports a shared "external storage" that you can use to save files. This can be a removable storage media (such as an SD card) or an internal (non-removable) storage. Files saved to the external storage are world-readable and can be modified by the user when they enable USB mass storage to transfer files on a computer. Caution: External storage can become unavailable if the user mounts the external storage on a computer or removes the media, and there's no security enforced upon files you save to the external storage. All applications can read and write files placed on the external storage and the user can remove them.
  12. [Android] When you are saving choose document instead of photo to save as image and pdf. [iOS] Scannable is free and good. there is Scanbot as well but on ios ( for myself can't connect to Eevernote using scanbot on ios only)
  13. If you say Evernote never improves I guess you must be blind. (Bug fixes is improvements) By the way, I believe there are much more features which may be believed to be more important than markdown. Well, text editor most of the time could do markdown nowadays like visual studio code etc. The time u spend complaining could be done searching easily with google assistant / Cortana / Siri to search for a workaround? Also, I believe the Evernote staff would have seen this since it is at 282 Upvotes? (not wanting to say anything but the words got me triggered.)
  14. well if not use Ifttt or Zapier with Evernote and Todoist or other to do list app. kinda works for me.
  15. Well never edited audio before but you could find software to edit AMR file format ( not sure if it is same for all platform on my android is AMR file format). Not sure how good but 1 website I found is this http://www.audacityteam.org/ .
  16. It is good. But for those who are worried about security should not do that unless they encrypt them before backing up.
  17. Ok, thank you for the information.
  18. Greetings, I have a problem when I try to clip page with radio button. after clipping the note does not have the include the radio button Thank you for reading this. Hopefully somebody could help.
  19. Evernote windows table suddenly have 1 column that cannot be removed after I go to other note and come back. It happens when i merge the table column instead of creating just 1 column.
  20. (Update) well, OfficeSuite works saving it directly to Evernote. Google Docs can edit as well. Xodo works in androids for annotating pdf which I find is better than OfficeSuite.
  21. Ok, Update from what I see it seems that it doesn't happen to all the notes. There are still some notes that are not affected.
  22. It happens to me as well but it does not seems that it is just pdf but it happens to image and other attachments as well
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