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  1. Wow, finally upgraded to v10, this last weekend, only to find so many of my notebooks+notes missing. After investigating, it's because v10 doesn't allow for Private/Local notebooks, one of the main reasons I use it. If Microsoft OneNote had this feature (for Mac), I'd eventually make the switch, BUT that's a huge time investment in converting 100's of notes. Sad to see this feature gone, and hope it gets added to v10. Until then, legacy EN to the rescue.
  2. I'm raising this issue, as well, as it's the single most irritating issue with Evernote, IMO. Every other word/note application works, in this regard, and remembers when you turn underline/bold off. Yet, Evernote insists on turning it back on, again...every single time. Turn it off, go to paste something in, and it's underlined/bolded. So, we have to mark the stuff we didn't want underlined/bolded, and click the buttons again. In 2018, I read an article about how Evernote was struggling, and while I still love the application, many commenters suggested they ditched it because "Simple things didn't work" and "wouldn't listen to their users". Please listen to us on this issue. Thanks, Jim
  3. Although I agree that EN is buggy, I make strong use of the Local Notebook feature, everyday, for work. I tried OneNote and found it too clunky, and love EN's simplicity. Some of the bugs drive me bat-sh*t crazy, but I still love it. EN, take this moment to listen to the complaints of your current/past users.
  4. I'm in the same boat. This is very frustrating, as is Evernote's habit of forgetting when I turn off underlining.
  5. Yep, well aware of how to do it, manually. Now, I want to automate it, using a script. Closest I get is doing a "showNotes" with exact title, but I want it opening in its dedicated window (and not leave the main Evernote app in search mode). ENScript is very limited with it.
  6. For local Windows scripting, I find ENScript.exe somewhat limited. I have to use local scripting because my notebooks are local, It seems the API is somewhat more functional, as is the Apple script functionality. Unfortunately, I use Windows. In short, I would like to duplicate a note, change it's title, then open it in its own window. I've figured out I can export the node, change title, then import it, but can not find a command to open in own window. Any plans on expanding this functionality? Thanks
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