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  1. I'm raising this issue, as well, as it's the single most irritating issue with Evernote, IMO. Every other word/note application works, in this regard, and remembers when you turn underline/bold off. Yet, Evernote insists on turning it back on, again...every single time. Turn it off, go to paste something in, and it's underlined/bolded. So, we have to mark the stuff we didn't want underlined/bolded, and click the buttons again. In 2018, I read an article about how Evernote was struggling, and while I still love the application, many commenters suggested they ditched it because "Simple
  2. Although I agree that EN is buggy, I make strong use of the Local Notebook feature, everyday, for work. I tried OneNote and found it too clunky, and love EN's simplicity. Some of the bugs drive me bat-sh*t crazy, but I still love it. EN, take this moment to listen to the complaints of your current/past users.
  3. I'm in the same boat. This is very frustrating, as is Evernote's habit of forgetting when I turn off underlining.
  4. Yep, well aware of how to do it, manually. Now, I want to automate it, using a script. Closest I get is doing a "showNotes" with exact title, but I want it opening in its dedicated window (and not leave the main Evernote app in search mode). ENScript is very limited with it.
  5. For local Windows scripting, I find ENScript.exe somewhat limited. I have to use local scripting because my notebooks are local, It seems the API is somewhat more functional, as is the Apple script functionality. Unfortunately, I use Windows. In short, I would like to duplicate a note, change it's title, then open it in its own window. I've figured out I can export the node, change title, then import it, but can not find a command to open in own window. Any plans on expanding this functionality? Thanks
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