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  1. I fully agree and support this idea. Although we have been asking it for 10 years and nothing changed. I have been a veeery long user of evernote, for the last years a premium user. But it has started feeling dated. I briefly experimented with Notion lately, a breath of fresh air that is rapidly changing and improving. Most of the characteristics that I see being asked here, they are already present there or keep getting added by the month. For the moment they lack a couple of things that Evernote does really well: - search function in EN is really top class. Can't be matched yet qua speed and accuracy - snappy feeling for both desktop and mobile apps (one click better for EN) - security with 2 step verification - simplicity (Notion feels a bit complex to master and looks a bit cluttered especially if you are transferring your database from EN). Because of the different structure it would take me quite some work to properly reorganize 1500 notes. For the time being I am staying with EN but it was a pretty close choice. My advice would be to check some characteristics and try implementing them asap, otherwise I see users flocking away.
  2. Good to hear that you changed your mind. I am a premium customer but if you had proceeded I would immediately stop my subscription and close my account. Now, as others have noted, give us the option of encryption of our data!
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