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  1. As someone who made the trip EN->Notion-> in the last year (I used exclusively the paid version of Notion from March 2020 till January 2021) I have to warn you. Notion looks really nice and has a lot of possibilities. Also development seems to be faster than what it used to be with Evernote and there is a lof of positive vibe about the app. However, after trying it extensively I decided to come back to my old friend (been using EN sinds 2008). The reasons: 1. search is nowhere close 2. It's much slower; if people complain about EN being sludgy, oh boy, what are you going to say about Not
  2. I fully agree and support this idea. Although we have been asking it for 10 years and nothing changed. I have been a veeery long user of evernote, for the last years a premium user. But it has started feeling dated. I briefly experimented with Notion lately, a breath of fresh air that is rapidly changing and improving. Most of the characteristics that I see being asked here, they are already present there or keep getting added by the month. For the moment they lack a couple of things that Evernote does really well: - search function in EN is really top class. Can't be matched
  3. Good to hear that you changed your mind. I am a premium customer but if you had proceeded I would immediately stop my subscription and close my account. Now, as others have noted, give us the option of encryption of our data!
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