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  1. You have always been very well informed and helpful Pink Elephant, I thought I should say this. On the points that you mention another member has already answered to you above. I have also made the step away from EN (although my subscription is still active till end of the year) and towards Devonthink Pro. I verify that the backup can be done in iCloud for DT also. Learning curve is indeed steeper than EN, becoming a "pro" user will for sure require more time in DT. Regarding price, given the new pricing of EN and the fact that it takes 6-7 years for DT to change version, the later is definitely cheaper in the long term. Main issues that made me change: 1. Speed. I had noticed that EN was starting to lagging to the point I was getting annoyed, especially in iOS (even in brand new devices) 2. Privacy. I wouldn't trust EN (or any such cloud service) to store valuable documents (IDs, Passports, Health documents, financial statements). With DT everything is encrypted in my device, easy to find but also safe 3. Locked in. I know that many will say that you can take your data, but in reality this is not the case anymore with Evernote. Exporting in pdfs is just NOT an option and bulk export was made impossible with v.10 (I know read they bring it back). In any case, trusting them with thousands of notes only to lose them some day if they go down it's just not an option for me. With DT i can just drag and drop a note somewhere and voila! 4. Lack of markdown Reasons 1,2,3 are the ones I also left Notion after trying it for almost a year. Problems of DT: 1. Search function, although powerful in DT gives less often what I am looking for as the first choice. I usually have to go down the list of the results to see what I was searching for. In EN, with some magical way it was always one of the first 2 or 3 results, even if i had mistyped something! 2. The mobile version of EN rocks while in DT it (almost) sucks. It's fast alright, but there stop the advantages of it and also, 3. Difficulty sharing notes with others. If this is a priority for you, then clearly DT is not an option 4. Doesn't work with anything other than MacOS, iOS, PadOS. The last two are not issues for me but maybe for some others. Last but not least: the support team of DT just rocks!!! It's really incredible, like these people are 24/7 in the forum answering issues/problems. They listen to the customers and plan implementing new features. Also others users are really active and responsive to any questions you may have. I have honestly been impressed, only among Linux users I have seen such devotion to a product in the past.
  2. As someone who made the trip EN->Notion-> in the last year (I used exclusively the paid version of Notion from March 2020 till January 2021) I have to warn you. Notion looks really nice and has a lot of possibilities. Also development seems to be faster than what it used to be with Evernote and there is a lof of positive vibe about the app. However, after trying it extensively I decided to come back to my old friend (been using EN sinds 2008). The reasons: 1. search is nowhere close 2. It's much slower; if people complain about EN being sludgy, oh boy, what are you going to say about Notion? 3. Tags are a joke, basically unusable (they do exist but they are not even searchable!) 4. There is no OCR (and no plans to implement It as well!); for someone who embeds many pdfs in his notes, this is huge 5. No offline, although they say they are working on it 6. No API, although this is also coming 7. No option to work on pdfs or documents in the app, without first downloading, modifying and then re-uploading/replacing the attachment. But I could live with all these, since there are also many positives in the app. The big elephant in the room is that Notion (and basically many other note-taking apps, eg Roam) are locking you in their eco-system with no valid exit options. If you change your mind and want to leave, if you find a better app, if they go bankrupt and shutdown you are f@cked! I moved almost 2000 EN notes to Notion within a couple of evenings and most time was spent to figure out how to arrange them in the new app. Moving back to EN from Notion took me about a month, painfully moving notes one by one. (only good thing is that I deleted a lot of them that I realized weren't necessary any more). So, be careful. This is something that NOONE in YouTube and the blogs seems to mention!!!
  3. I fully agree and support this idea. Although we have been asking it for 10 years and nothing changed. I have been a veeery long user of evernote, for the last years a premium user. But it has started feeling dated. I briefly experimented with Notion lately, a breath of fresh air that is rapidly changing and improving. Most of the characteristics that I see being asked here, they are already present there or keep getting added by the month. For the moment they lack a couple of things that Evernote does really well: - search function in EN is really top class. Can't be matched yet qua speed and accuracy - snappy feeling for both desktop and mobile apps (one click better for EN) - security with 2 step verification - simplicity (Notion feels a bit complex to master and looks a bit cluttered especially if you are transferring your database from EN). Because of the different structure it would take me quite some work to properly reorganize 1500 notes. For the time being I am staying with EN but it was a pretty close choice. My advice would be to check some characteristics and try implementing them asap, otherwise I see users flocking away.
  4. Good to hear that you changed your mind. I am a premium customer but if you had proceeded I would immediately stop my subscription and close my account. Now, as others have noted, give us the option of encryption of our data!
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