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  1. Apparently the CEO admitted their mistake: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2016/12/15/evernote-revisits-privacy-policy/ And you are right Gazumped, they keep saying: Evernote employees do not and will not read your notes without your express permission. Evernote complies with the law in ways that keep the privacy of customer data paramount. Our “Three Laws of Data Protection” remain intact: your data is yours, it is protected, and it is portable. Talk is cheap. Implement action that proves it.
  2. Opt-out or else, exactly. It's my data, I own it. Why do I have to Opt-out?? Like I said in a post before: In the 3 Laws of Data the Evernote claims to abide by, they say my data is >mine<. If it's mine, why am I not allowed to have the final say in decisions about it and what affects it. If they have additional terms that affect the statement: "Your data is yours.", why aren't they included in the 3 laws, and why are they hidden somewhere else? Why do I have to opt-out of machine learning. It's my data. If you want to use my data that I own, you gotta ask if I want to opt-in. Gymnastics.
  3. What's conflicting? In the 3 Laws of Data the Evernote claims to abide by, they say my data is >mine<. If it's mine, why am I not allowed to have the final say in decisions about it and what affects it. If they have additional terms that affect the statement: "Your data is yours.", why aren't they included in the 3 laws, and why are they hidden somewhere else? Why do I have to opt-out of machine learning. It's my data. If you want to use my data that I own, you gotta ask if I want to opt-in. Gymnastics. The only caveat they apply to the act that the data is mine is when it comes to transporting my data. They say "For example, you give us permission to back it up, send it over a network, index it for searching, display it on your various devices, etc. Some of these operations may require us to send your data to our normal business partners–such as a network operator–that we have contracted with to provide parts of the Evernote Service. Before we do this, we’ll always make sure that our contracts with such partners protect your ownership rights." Generally, they are talking about how they move your data, which you can still do with Encrypted data. They talk about indexing it for searching, which can be done on the client side after encryption. Displaying it on the devices is ambiguous, but can still be done on the client side after encryption. So, being that all of this can be done without need to actually parse or review the data in context, then why would they need to look at my data otherwise? Why am I not allowed to demand that my data remains secure and unreadable? It's just a fluff piece. I'm sure somewhere else in their terms and conditions and privacy policy there's a statement that says that anyone at anytime or any reason "to improve something their product or something" can read and have unfettered, unlogged, unknown access to your data. You won't be informed that a database engineer named Melanie and a Front End developer named Steve were having beers on their MacBooks at a local bar after hours pulling up your records and laughing at your Furry Fetish Convent album and notes. The only way you know that someone isn't enjoying the content of your notes is total encryption, and having data totally encrypted in the cloud in this day and age is not a demand that is unreasonable. It's a necessity. https://evernote.com/legal/data-protection.php
  4. Why not? www.mega.co.nz works this way and offers a search feature, and still integrates with my operating systems search feature. I can search from my operating system, from the web app, from the android and ios app, search works fine and snappy and I have many GB's of information stored on MEGA. It would take quite a bit of retooling in order to do this, and there isn't a ton of money to be made in it. I honestly think to many people, there is a lot of value in the services and advertising they receive by opening up access of their information to third parties. I think that Evernote would be able to make a ton more money doing that, rather than re-writing the application so that one could keep their notes encrypted locally, through transport and in the cloud, but un-encrypting en-masse with their secure key. That would be the end game for an app, you would no longer be able to parse the information and do stuff with your users data. Just provide the transport and storage mechanisms for their encrypted data. Unfortunately, for people that are here ranting angry and people like me, we want total encrpytion, we want no one looking at our notes for any reason unless they are compelled by law. We want to know A.S.A.P. the 5 W's when it comes to accessing our data: Who, What, Where, When Why. But many will tell you that you can't expect all of that in the cloud and beware of anyone claiming to offer that because it's probably not true. I understand where that is coming from, but a promise is a promise and breaking promises gives you legal footing. I trust a company like Evernote less who can't be straight forward and has to go through Terms of Service/Privacy Policy gymnastics in order to relate the nuances of their morally ambiguous behavior.
  5. Complete 100% blind faith exacerbated by my completely sterile empathy free legalistic professional interaction with Evernote Customer Service this morning about the situation. I wanted a refund. I'm about 10 weeks into the service. Missed the window by 2 weeks. Wanted to just walk away from it and go find something else and ignore it. But they want to keep my money for the 9+ months I had remaining after I cancelled. They won't bend their own rules, and I can see I'm not the only person frustrated or upset. This also ties into some things that have been sticking in my mind.. these erosions of rights and privacy that has been happening over the last decade and a half... and that it's just the way the world works and if you don't like it, tough. True privacy is a luxury now, a person is apparently now just the sum of their metadata.... it's frustrating that the only note taking app that offered ok encryption is now going in the direction of exposing our data to in the name of profit.Profits twists and bends values and morals. Comfortable bank accounts and loose ethics make it easier for Melanie, a programer/scientist at Evernote to accidentally stumble across part of a note by Bob Smith, Evernote user, where he documented information about his first romantic experience with his best friend Joseph at the age of 19...it's completely romantic and deeply nostalgic. She can tell that Bob was madly in love with Joseph..... Melanie reads the information and develops, for whatever reason, a curiosity about Bob Smith and his friend Joseph.... she knows she shouldn't... sigh..but she does anyway. She looks Bob up on Facebook and finds his account. He's a sharp dresser and has a warm smile. She looks through his friend list but doesn't find a Joseph.... she goes back to Bob's notes and digs up more information on Joseph and find enough information to locate Joseph Miller on facebook as well. It's February 12th, the fallout of all of this took it's toll on Evernote... who knows.. maybe a positive story would help the fact that they read a users data. So she does it. She messages Joesph and tells him about what she read and about how much Bob was in love with him and it was so heartwarming. Joseph seems a little confused, and she pushed him to contact Bob and he agrees. She links him Bob's Facebook profile to help him locate it. She then walks away and wipes her hands of it, thinking down the road she might look it up again and possibly point it out to others at the company that she played cupid and connect 2 lovers again lost to time. She goes home and completely forgets about the interaction after her brain is filled from other stimulus coming from her cell phone, computer and telivision. Oh, and a few days later someone walks by a newspaper with a headline Man, 67, Dead In Apparant Murder Suicide It was revealed today that the men involved in Monday's murder suicide knew each other as young men, and that one of the men killed the other out of a panicked anger..etc..etc..etc.. Yeah I know. It's extreme. But I'd just rather know my data's encrypted. Guess I'm a ***** for hoping for that in the cloud.
  6. I'm just happy to see some people out there who are trying to achieve total privacy and total encryption. And I would be glad to pay them for it, because they are being totally upfront about the fact that they will start charging. If it's truly encrypted, and they promise they won't mine my data for any reason, they've earned my $100.00 a year. They'll need it.
  7. I'm not sure, I just found them and it looks like they are just starting out. They have an Android, Web and MacOS App and looks like iOs on the way, and here are there encryption methodologies: https://turtlapp.com/docs/security/encryption-specifics/
  8. Just wondering....... https://turtlapp.com/ seems to encrypt your entire note, and even better, they can't even see the contents......
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2013/06/12/heres-everything-we-know-about-prism-to-date/
  10. No! Microsoft is just as bad... if not worse!!! https://turtlapp.com https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2013/06/12/heres-everything-we-know-about-prism-to-date/
  11. Or you could support an alternative that has already hit the ground running with this and will only get better if more Evernote users migrate and support: https://turtlapp.com
  12. All situations where we are generally actively aware of their access to our data. If you are contacting customer service, and they say they need access to a note, you can decline and say no, I'd rather not have you read the contents of that note. They might not be able to assist you with your issue, of course, but you still had control and you were aware at the moment of who was in your notes, when. If they receive a warrant or subpoena, this is an action taken through the legal system. Most companies that flout a stringent privacy policy even state they'll fight any government or police request unless they receive notice from a judge (a warrant/subpeona) that they must hand it over. Then, unless given a gag order, they are generally nice enough to forward to warrant on to you as the consumer. Again, a situation where you can become aware of who did it when and where. All other times, Evernote claims that our data is our data. They say we own it. They say Evernote does not own it. They say Google and their cloud server Evernote is on does not own it. Ok, since I own it, then I want control and SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE as to what parts of my data are being reviewed and access, and I want to OPT-IN, not OUT by default. Generally, if you own something, someone has to ask you permission to use it. If you are automatically opted in, that's not asking permission. That's inviting yourself, and that's just proving that Chris's and Evernotes words are corporate political legal barely honest mumbo jumbo B.S. used to distract you from the point.
  13. Beautiful. Way to throw their corporate canned lawyer speak back in their faces. I used to love Evernote. Green is my favorite color... but now I don't associate them with my favorite color anymore...a natural green. The type of green I see all over Evernote now is $$$$$.
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